Gemma Chan's Most Iconic Looks Revealed

Gemma Chan's fierce looks have been recognized more and more (honestly, how could they not?) It's no wonder fans can't separate the actress from socialite Astrid Young-Teo, whose fashion sense rivals her real-life closet. (FYI: Chan plays Astrid "Crazy Rich Asians," per IMDb).

Chan has had a background in fashion even before she hit the acting scene. Before she became a full-time actress, Chan was a fashion model. In fact, per her ZoomBoola, she a model on the U.K. version of "Project Runway" post-college. There, she discovered her interest in modeling in fashion. Unfortunately, the soon-to-actress wasn't a model for long. Her long-term goal was to be an actress. Despite her modeling days being over, her fashion sense is still chef's kiss.

It's no wonder that Chan has scoured endorsements with big time beauty and fashion players; she recently became the face of L'Oreal Paris, per Vogue. She's providing inspo to countless young women, especially women of color. In fact, per Tatler, Chan, as an Asian star rising to global prominence, has a platform to show her beautiful fashion sense — bright and bold colors with distinctive silhouettes.

Chan isn't afraid to be daring. And, that's why so many people love her. Here are her most iconic looks, revealed.

One of Gemma Chan's best looks

It's safe to say that Chan dazzled fans, designers, and celebrities alike with her Oscar de la Renta dress at the July 2021 "From Africa with Love" screening (via Vogue). The black stiletto heels with the sparkling silver dress and minimal makeup (plus the die-hard red lip) make this one of her best get-ups.

But what makes this look iconic is the fact that Chan, herself, didn't feel comfortable with her outfit at the screening (via Yahoo News). Why? She felt "out of practice" due to quarantine, saying how wasn't used to wearing heels. "Got a bit of butterflies. Not used to walking in heels either," she said. "It's definitely, it's a little bit overwhelming. It's joyful. I'm very, very happy to be here. Yeah, it's been a while since I've done a live red carpet, I feel like it's been a year and a half, maybe." No one would have guessed her nervousness — she was strutting that red carpet!

Gemma Chan's outfit at the 2019 Met Gala is one of the most unforgettable looks

Chan's appearance at the 2019 Met Gala ranks a close second to the "Africa with Love" screening outfit. She wore a Tom Ford chain mail dress, which was inspired by actress Elizabeth Taylor, per Elle. But it's not just the dress that brings this look a close favorite — it's also her dramatic but daring headdress which resembles Taylor's to-die-for look in the film "Boom!," the outlet added.

Since the gala's theme was "camp," her stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, stated Chan's look needed to be equal parts elegant but shimmery (via Bustle). "We were channeling a bit of Liz Taylor through Gemma's look tonight, so we felt like we needed the most dazzling diamonds as a nod to her," Corbin-Murray said. "Forevermark diamonds, especially Gemma's 10-carat Exceptional Diamond ring did just the trick." And, let's just say: we're all in agreement that Chan not only delivered the "camp" theme but she exceeded our expectations.

Gemma Chan looks good in all colors

It's not just silver that looks good on this actress, but pink, too. Remember Chan's dress at the 2019 Oscars (via Elle)? How could anyone forget that pink ruffle dress that outshined everyone on the carpet? Coupled with a low bun and subtle makeup, this look is unforgettable. And, honestly, this fuschia color is all the rave. Chan loves to experiment with different bright and bold colors. It works in her favor too.

But, you know, what we really love about this outfit, aside from the color, obviously? The dress has pockets! What a nice addition. Any girl knows the struggle of carrying her essentials in a bag because her outfit doesn't include pockets. So, to see Chan wearing a dress with pockets, well, it makes us like this fit just a little bit more.

Gemma Chan has amazing fashion taste both on and off the red carpet

Though Chan looks ah-mazing on the red carpet, not all of her iconic looks consist of designer dresses, killer heels, and natural makeup.

Chan's 2013 look in London is another one of her most impactful get-ups. Even before the actress was widely known, she's been inspiring us with her killer fashion sense. This time, the "Captain Marvel" actress was seen rocking leather pants (a favorite of hers, apparently), a patterned shirt, and silver rings. It's not the edgiest of looks, but it somehow works, per Elle.

No one can say that Gemma Chan has bad fashion sense — the outfits don't lie. From a pink hue ruffle dress to an all-black ensemble, Chan dazzles fans with whatever she's wearing. We can't wait to see what she's going to be wearing next.