Can You Use Dandruff Shampoo On Your Beard?

With all the time, energy, patience, and maintenance that goes into growing a good-looking beard; you don't want flakes of dandruff ruining your look. If you do find yourself looking flaky, can you use dandruff shampoo on your beard? As it turns out, there are better ways to keep your beard looking great. 

First of all, what causes dandruff? Whether it's on your head or in your beard, dandruff has a few potential causes (per Mayo Clinic). Causes can include irritated, dry, or oily skin, not cleaning the area often enough, fungus, sensitivity to products and/or environmental factors. Whether your dandruff is coming from one or a combination of these, you don't need to suffer through it. Instead, find a treatment plan that works for you and get back to looking your best. 

When attempting to rid yourself of "beardruff," as it is commonly called, resist the urge to reach for your standard dandruff shampoo. But don't panic — there are other options available. Keep reading to find out why you shouldn't use dandruff shampoo on your beard — and which products to use instead.

If flakes are holding you back in your beard journey, try these techniques

Rather than resolving the problem, using dandruff shampoo on your beard could actually make your situation worse, per Zeus Beard. These products are designed for the skin on your scalp, not your face. The sensitive nature of facial skin makes means that you may end up with skin that's even more irritated, as well as more flakes and itchiness. Opt instead for products specifically designed for beards, like beard soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. The gentle ingredients benefit both your skin and facial hair when used daily, per Zeus Beard. Regular use will clear away dead skin and help with irritation. Look for ingredients like green tea extract, oat, and B vitamins.

Another option is using beard oil. It targets dry skin beneath your beard and helps to relieve irritation, per Healthline. Beard oil is particularly powerful when you're just beginning to grow your beard, as the early days can be extra itchy. By keeping the area oiled, you moisturize both the skin and the facial hair; greatly reducing your risk of irritation and flakiness. It can also make your beard appear fuller.

If all else fails, consider using cold water while washing your beard, which can help to soothe your skin (per The Little Things). Hot water is famous for drying out skin, and that only exasperates issues like dandruff. Finally, be sure to dry your beard well after washing to keep from trapping moisture and harsh mineral deposits in there.