These Black Cat Appreciation Day Tweets Will Have You In Stitches

According to National Today, August 17th is National Black Cat Appreciation Day. However, if you are a cat owner, you know every single day is cat appreciation day. There's a reason why there is a day specifically put aside for black cats. Due to stigma, black cats rarely see good press, according to the Catington Post. The association between black cats and black magic, bad luck, and superstition makes them less likely to be adopted than other cats with different fur colors. While this is all superstition and not at all rooted in fact, the stigma surrounding black cats still exists.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day hit calendars in 2011 in hopes of proving these cats deserve as much love as other types of cats, per Holidappy. Animal rescue groups like the ASPCA and local shelters often give discounts if you adopt a black cat on this day. It's a fun day to celebrate.

This holiday was created with pure intentions. However, cats are cats. They are notorious for having minds of their own. So, of course, black cat owners took to Twitter to make us all laugh on the day meant to celebrate their furry companions.

Twitter users took to the platform to celebrate their pet

Twitter is the place to go when looking for something to laugh at. While most Twitter users made us laugh on National Black Cat Appreciation Day, some of them brought wholesome cheer to the holiday. This user sent a sweet tweet about adopting a black cat: "Today is #BlackCatAppreciationDay a day to celebrate black cats everywhere. We are often overlooked and thought of as boring. But we are mini panthers and unique with individual personalities. Black cats are awesome!" So cute!

However, most of this year's Black Cat Appreciation Day tweets were hilarious. One user shared that her cat was, "Simultaneously the best and worst thing in my life." Another person tweeted, "Apparently today is #BlackCatAppreciationDay I would love to say Daisy and Cocoa have greeted the puppy's arrival with grace and compassion but that would be a total lie. They have now taken full control of the upstairs. I wouldn't have them any other way." Even a cat weighed in, "Isn't *every* day a day to appreciate my specialness?"

Cat owners prove time and time again that cats are both the best and the worst.