Common Causes Of Fatigue

Fatigue is a part of life for many people. Sometimes your routine can get a little intense with back-to-back appointments, meetings and more. However, some people struggle with having enough energy to do just about anything in their lives due to this lethargy. While some factors that contribute to fatigue are obvious — like lack of sleep — others are less apparent.

Indeed, according to Healthline, fatigue and general feelings of tiredness are two different things. While you can feel sleepy when you're fatigued, the condition involves a lack of energy for most things with dwindling motivation to do them. In addition to stemming from various lifestyle choices, this issue also originates alongside other health conditions. The outlet names three categories for the causes of fatigue: physical health, mental health and lifestyle factors.

The list of physical conditions that can contribute to the issue includes anemia, inflammatory conditions, diabetes, cancer, eating and sleep disorders and more. Essentially, many physical conditions have side effects that include a loss of energy. On the other hand, mental health issues also contribute to feelings of fatigue. Depression, anxiety and other disorders can make it difficult to function at full capacity for long periods of time. 

Lifestyle choices can also cause fatigue

Of course, a healthy diet and active lifestyle can help counteract the debilitating experience of fatigue. However, emotional stressors can also contribute to feeling zapped of your life force, Medical News Today reports. A few non-medical causes include poor sleep, too much exercise or physical activity, emotional taxation and more. Each of these can impact the way your brain functions and thus how your body feels. However, if you focus on the areas that may be the culprit and don't notice a change in your energy levels, it may be time to speak with your doctor about an underlying condition.

Medications can also take a toll on your energy stores as well. If you've recently started taking a new birth control or any other type of pharmaceutical, the medicine could be to blame for your fatigue. However, it's also important to note that women are more likely to report feelings of fatigue than men, the outlet notes. Plus, those suffering from a mental or physical illness and people in poverty are also more susceptible to this condition.

Finding relaxation practices, seeking emotional support and developing healthier habits can all combat these stressors. If you think the issue lies in your daily routine, take some time to rethink how you can make things less stressful for yourself. However, if the issue continues, it may be time to speak with your doctor.