Here's Where You Know Naked And Afraid Of Love's David Girton From

A brand new reality dating show offering from discovery+ has the public talking even ahead of its premiere date on August 22. The show, called "Naked and Afraid of Love" is, as you might have guessed, made by the creators of the popular show "Naked and Afraid." Available to watch on Discovery and discovery+, "Naked and Afraid of Love" features 16 men and women looking for love while attempting to survive the harsh elements of the Philippines wilds with no shelter, food, water, or clothing, according to a press release from Discovery.

The "Naked and Afraid of Love" cast includes a life coach, video game developer, former Miss Hawaii, and high school teacher. The show also features 33-year-old surf instructor, David Girton. According to his biography on Discovery's website, Girton hails from San Diego, California, and is a mellow person who loves his mother and taking on new adventures. While on the show, Girton is "ready to ride this experience out like a wave and see what happens."

If you find yourself recognizing Girton, it's likely because he has appeared on another popular reality television show in the past.

Girton has appeared in another prominent reality television show

Before attempting to find love on "Naked and Afraid of Love," David Girton pursued a showmance of sorts with a fellow cast member on the 15th season of the popular reality television show "Big Brother." Upon entering the house, Girton quickly entered into a showmance with Aaryn Gries. Unfortunately, Girton was nominated for eviction by fellow cast member Elissa Slater on the first week of the show, according to Monsters & Critics. Girton was evicted by a vote of 7-5, cutting his run on the show very short.

At the time he appeared on the show, 25-year-old Girton told CBS that he was most proud of his participation in the lifeguard academy. According to his biography on CBS' website, if he were to find fame on reality television, Girton would use that money and notoriety to open up his own restaurant or surf shop.

Be sure to tune into "Naked and Afraid of Love," premiering on Discovery and discovery+ on August 22, to see if Girton will find love and survive the elements.