Everything You Need To Know About Using Selenite

Though not quite as colorful as rose quartz or amethyst, selenite is just as worthy of a spot in your crystal collection. This foggy and multifaceted stone is created from a crystallized form of gypsum, and it is believed to have a plethora of healing properties (via Healthline). 

According to Fire Mountain Gems, selenite gets its name from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. Before crystal shops were selling selenite on boardwalks in beach towns, the eye-catching stone used to create some truly breathtaking decor. The ancient Egyptians frequently adorned their homes with the crystal, and in Rome, the Santa Sabina Church boasts windows forged from sheets of selenite rather than traditional glass.

The stone is a bit more high-maintenance than its crystalline cousins. If you're not careful around water, your selenite crystals may start to dissolve, so you won't see many jewelry pieces that feature this stone. It is an excellent stone to keep in the home, however, as its delicate nature serves as a wonderful reminder to be gentle with yourself and others, and its properties may contribute to a more peaceful state in your day-to-day life.

Selenite provides mental clarity

Selenite has been a go-to for those who use healing crystals for centuries. If you're looking to feel more calm and peaceful amidst a chaotic existence, then selenite crystals are the perfect stone for you. Selenite awakens the crown chakra, which is said to be the chakra most highly connected to spirituality (via Be My Travel Muse). When the crown chakra is out of whack, you may find yourself feeling generally out of sorts and anxious, which makes it an excellent time to grab your selenite crystal and meditate.

In conjunction with promoting a healthy crown chakra, utilizing the healing powers of selenite allows for more mental tranquility, clarity, and a stronger sense of trust in your own intuition. It can also aid in seeing beyond the problems at hand and allow for a clearer view of the bigger picture, as well as act as an assistant in manifestation when you are seeking to make changes in your life (via Charms Of Light). Selenite functions as the perfect stone for those who suffer from anxiety (in addition to any regular medication or therapy routine you may have) as selenite is also said to free the mind of heavy thoughts that tend to trigger anxiety, per Tiny Rituals.

Each variation of selenite has its own unique use

In addition to being pretty to look at, each variation of selenite crystals has a specific use. Knowing which shape and color work best for you will help you use your selenite crystal to its fullest potential (via Healthline). 

Hourglass selenite, a rare form of the crystal found only in the Oklahoma salt plains (via State Symbols USA), features an eye-catching hourglass shape embedded in the otherwise clear crystal and is reported to be a grounding crystal that aids in the release of negative patterns. Selenite towers, which are commonly found in crystal shops, are an excellent protective crystal to place in your home. Wands, another common shape, work best as cleansing tools.

Selenite is usually found in a white hue, which is the most cleansing variation. There are, however, some other little-known color variations. Gold selenite works well if you'd like to be more connected to the world around you, while the peach variation balances your own emotions. The white stone is a highly emotional crystal, and if you're hoping for a sense of clarity, you might just find what you're looking for the next time you meditate with your favorite piece of the stone (via Healthline). Don't forget to place one by your door for protection, and another in the bedroom for tranquility.