What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 6

For most of us, numbers are just the figures that baffled us in math class, or the parts of our passwords that we keep forgetting. But for some, numbers are much more than that — they're a key to finding out who we are and what we were meant to do.

Numerology is the belief that the universe is made up of numerals and those digits have specific vibrations that help determine people's personalities and destinies (via The Law of Attraction). Numerologists create charts for clients based on the numbers associated with their names and birthdays. One numeral they believe to be especially significant is what's known as a "destiny number." Like a zodiac sun sign, a destiny number is used to reveal a person's basic personality and the life choices that suit them best.

You might not be committed enough to numerology to get a complete chart done, but it's fun to find out your basic destiny number and see how accurate it is to your life. To calculate your destiny number, you'll need to add together all the digits in your birth date. (It's okay to use a calculator.) If you get a two-digit result, then add those two numbers together, and so on. Eventually, you'll end up with a single number between one and nine, and that's known as your destiny number. 

If your calculations lead you to discover that your destiny number is 6, that's good news — not just for you, but for the people in your life as well.

Destiny number 6 people were born to serve

People whose birth dates add up to destiny number 6 are the humanitarians of the numerology world. Per Numerology, 6s are natural nurturers who are never happier than when they're helping others become their best selves. Sympathetic and compassionate, those born under the number 6 are often drawn to "helping" careers like health care; you might also find them volunteering for causes close to their hearts. They have the optimistic outlook needed to build the life of their dreams, according to The Law of Attraction.  

Destiny number 6 folks are wonderful friends to have because they're willing to overlook your flaws and see only the best in you, via Secret Life Numbers. They'll give you a shoulder to cry on, help in a financial crunch, keep your spirits up with their jokes, and help you find a unique solution to your problems. They're also highly creative sorts who do well in the arts, and love to surround themselves with beautiful art, music, and clothes (via Astrologie).

If you're a 6, you're in excellent company. Among the famous names who share your destiny number are Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, and Ben Affleck. 

Destiny number 6 people need to take care of themselves, too

There are, of course, negative qualities associated with all destiny numbers, and 6 is no exception. They tend to be perfectionists who also have high expectations of others, and may throw a fit when anyone fails to live up to them, per Matt Beech. People may take advantage of a 6's trusting and giving nature, which makes them prone to being scammed, overworked, or stretched to their limits. Sixes in positions of authority may have trouble accepting that their employees' way of doing things can be just as good as their own. 

People with destiny number 6 can get so caught up in caring for others that they forget about their own needs and wants, per Numerologist. This can leave them in an advanced state of burnout and resentment. If you have this particular destiny number, be sure to carve out some time every day to do things that nourish your soul and body. This will give you the emotional energy you need to go back to helping the world. 

The Law of Attraction also cautions the 6-born not to judge their worth on their kindness toward others. If you're a 6, they suggest making a list of all your good points that doesn't include the things you do for others. For instance, you could say, "I'm a good singer" or "I taught myself website design," instead of "I'm a loyal friend" or "I donate to lots of charities."