What Crystals To Use If You're Healing Your Root Chakra

You may have heard or seen a lot about chakras and helping to balance and align them for optimum health and wellness, but what exactly is a chakra? The word comes from the Sanskrit word "Muladhara" which means wheel, and when it is translated from Hindi, it means, more specifically, "wheel of spinning energy," which, when you see chakras animated for visual aides, is exactly what they look like (via The Refinery 9). The philosophy tells us that we have seven of these points of energy in our bodies, aligned along the spine. Each chakra is said to manage certain energies, emotions, and organs within our physical and spiritual selves. 

The root chakra is our first chakra, and is located at the base of the spine (via Angel Grotto). It is said to be the center of grounding, self-preservation, and security. Therefore, if this chakra is out of alignment, you may feel anxious about your life, unstable in your decisions and your relationships, or uprooted. While there are many healing modalities geared toward balancing the energy of your chakras, one way to go about it yourself is with crystals and stones.  

The best crystals and stones for the root chakra

If you are hoping to bring balance to your root chakra, there are certain crystals and stones whose properties are said to be best for the particular energy of your root chakra (via Angel Grotto). The first is red jasper. This stone is said to ground you in your own power, connect you to your true energy, and help in decision making and overcoming challenges. Black tourmaline is also helpful for the root chakra because it is great at repelling lower vibrational energies as well as protecting you from outside energies or forces that could throw you out of alignment, better ensuring that your decisions and feelings are your own.

Garnet is another excellent stone for balancing the root chakra (via Cape Cod Crystals). The deep burgundy red of garnets matches the color of the energy associated with the root chakra, and this stone helps to provide emotional stability, satisfy our need for belonging, and also to syncronize and harmonize the energies of the body. Bloodstone is also associated with the root chakra both because of its color and its properties, which include the ability to boost vitality and physical energy.