Rachel Dolezal Makes An Unusual Career Change After Struggling To Find A Job

Sometimes a scandal is so bad and/or wild that it inadvertently turns the person behind the scandal into a celebrity. This is the case for Rachel Dolezal, who became a minor celebrity after being exposed for her lies. Some have even placed her in the same league of women like Monica Lewinsky who have been in scandals and come out the other side as a prominent voice. Still, Dolezal's scandal is far worse than Lewinsky's, and the two probably shouldn't be compared.

If you don't know Dolezal's case, it's actually rather simple. Dolezal was an instructor at Eastern Washington University and the branch president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); she was an activist and a popular one at that (via The Guardian). The problem? She led everyone to believe that she was Black American and therefore an authority on the topics for which she was advocating instead of boosting actual African-American voices.

According to The Guardian, this came crashing down when interviewers arrived at her house and questioned her about her identity. Dolezal, who assumed the interviewers were there to talk about racial hate crimes, retreated when the questions began, fleeing off-camera. Her fake identity had been uprooted.

Now, Dolezal struggles to find work, especially in academia, and she's turned to a new outlet for income.

Dolezal's new career turn is a popular one

Because she's been blacklisted in academia after her identity was revealed, Rachel Dolezal is now turning to OnlyFans, the content platform that allows users to pay specific content creators for their photos, videos, and other posts. This news comes at the same time that OnlyFans announced its banning of sexually explicit content, a move that's caused waves of upset online due to sex workers having built OnlyFans' platform into what it is today (via Bloomberg).

Dolezal made her OnlyFans announcement on Instagram, where she said that she'll begin posting content to her OnlyFans page on September 1, though her account is already active and can be subscribed to (via The New York Post). Beginning in September, Dolezal explained that she'll be uploading three times per week "+ others sprinkled in = 12+ content pieces per month."

According to Dolezal, her page will have "a little something for (almost) everyone," including "Monday Motivation = Gym/Fitness/Squats N Other Stuff," "Wednesday WorkDay = Hair-chair Conversations with my clients + HairTutorials," and "Friday Unwind: I bring the Art, you bring the wine/drinks. Watch me create & discuss my art." She also promised "foot pics" and posts that show her using anything people buy her from her Amazon wishlist.