How To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Sugaring Appointment

Hair removal is a delicate operation. Whether you shave, wax, or opt for laser hair removal, the skin needs to be prepped in advance and taken care of afterward to prevent discomfort. This process is difficult for those with sensitive skin, as you're more likely to develop razor burn and irritation with this skin type (per Allure). Waxing may pose the same problem, which is why sugaring provides an all-natural hair removal alternative for those struggling with other methods.

Sugaring has been around since ancient Greek and Egyptian times, according to dermatologist Michelle Henry (via Allure). Sugaring is similar to waxing in that it pulls the hair directly from the root, though the materials used to create the substances are vastly different. For sugaring, the name really says it all, as it's a combination of sugar, lemon, and water that forms a hair-removing paste. Though it's possible to use the sugaring method at home, it's best to set an appointment with a professional first to ensure it's done properly. Research a reputable salon in your area and book your appointment — and be sure to take care of your skin after sugaring to prevent any issues from cropping up.

After a sugaring appointment, be sure to do these few things

It's important to take certain preventative steps after a sugaring appointment, as you don't want to suffer from any unwanted irritation, especially in sensitive areas. Healthline recommends using a cool compress or hydrocortisone cream if the area feels tender. If you've had sugaring done to your genital area, refrain from any sexual activity for at least 24 hours and avoid any activities causing excessive sweating, like going to the gym. It's best to keep out of direct sunlight for this period of time as well, as this may irritate the skin or cause a sunburn where you've had the sugaring done.

Following your appointment, avoid removing any stray hairs by tweezing, plucking, or shaving them, per Healthline. If you attempt to remove the stray hairs using any of these methods, you leave yourself vulnerable to ingrown hairs, which are difficult to get rid of and can be uncomfortable. Sugaring typically lasts about three weeks, but if you feel like you can't live with any errant hairs until then, contact the salon about setting a follow-up appointment.