Everything You Need To Know About Using Malachite

Calling all witches, new ageists, and anyone else craving crystal knowledge! Unless you live a life far from the internet, you've probably noticed a recent surge in people's turning to the spiritual — including a rise in those practicing Wicca and witchcraft. Among these practices are reading tarot cards, making spell jars, conducting rituals, and practicing manifestation. Perhaps the most accessible practice of spirituality and energy healing, however? The use of crystals.

Crystals, when chosen correctly, can be used as a means of manifesting and directing positive energy to help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, there are many stones that are recommended for those beginning their spiritual journey — one of which is malachite. According to intentional jewelry company Tiny Rituals, the gorgeous "malachite is a stone that everyone needs in their life." Whether you are new to spirituality or a seasoned veteran, keep reading to learn how to make malachite work for you.

Malachite's healing properties

When it comes to malachite, you really get the most bang for your buck. The beautiful green stone tends to really shine when it comes to emotional healing, but can also be used as a way to clear up the heart and solar plexus chakras (via Tiny Rituals). Malachite serves very strongly as a stone of personal protection against negativity, and gives the user the courage and wisdom to recognize and dispel unwanted energies.

Malachite can also be used — as a supplement to prescribed, medical treatments — to impart wisdom on various parts of the body. Most notably, malachite has earned the nickname "the Midwife Stone" as its strong feminine energy has been known to help ease period cramps and sometimes even labor pains. Additionally, malachite has been known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and phobias, such as sweating and heart pounding, and has become a common talisman for people who suffer from sickness that accompanies traveling.

How to use malachite

There are many ways to harness the healing energy of malachite in your life. Its beautiful, deep green makes it a welcome pop of color in your home decor. In terms of the home, malachite is most effective when placed by a front door or other entranceway, giving it an opportunity to block negative energies before they even set foot in your space (via Tiny Rituals). Malachite placed on a work desk or in an office can dispel feelings of self-doubt and fear of failure. It can also inspire creativity. Malachite has been worn as jewelry since as early as ancient Greece and Egypt, and can be incredibly effective when paired with complementary stones such as tourmaline.

As malachite deals so much with absorbing negative energy, it is important to stay on top of cleansing it. Luckily, cleansing malachite is simple, and there are several ways to do it. Some recommend leaving malachite under the light of the moon or using the smoke of sage or incense to clean it. Others recommend placing a selenite crystal or plate near your malachite for cleansing (via Healing Crystals).