Everything You Need To Know About Using Moonstone

Moonstone has been a popular choice for both jewelry and spiritual practice for so many centuries it is difficult to track (via Moon Magic). In fact, shamans, monks, and spiritualists from many religions have long-coveted the stone for its mystical properties. It is said to possess energy and power that stir passions, evoke tranquility and soothe, support feminine energies, and help guide you to your inner path. It is also said to be healing and to possess the power to re-energize a person and banish negative energies. Its pearly white, irridescent, opallescent color aligns with its clean, powerful, white light energy. 

And like the moon is the focal point and magnetic anchor of the night sky, moonstone is said to help anchor the spirit in a stable yet light fashion (via Tiny Rituals). It is called the stone of "inward vision," which allows the user to get in touch with their own higher self and inner purpose and voice. In this way, it is supposed to help guide people along their highest and truest paths.  

How to best utilize moonstone

If you plan on wearing moonstone for its aesthetic appeal or using it for healing or spiritual purposes, the first thing you should know is that it come sin many varieties and colors (via Tiny Rituals). White moonstone, peach moonstone, rainbow moonstone, gray moonstone, and cats eye or blue moonstone are all lovely and powerful. Because all varieties of moonstone are linked to the goddess energy and feminine power, where it comes to physical healing, it is said to assist in symptoms of PMS and hormone imbalance. It is also supposed to support a healthier and less stressful pregnancy and delivery. 

Emotionally, moonstone is said to help bring a calm certainty to those dealing with anxiety, as it helps us to trust our inner wisdom. Similarly, it is said to be a great connector to virtually all chakras, and can therefore be used to help unblock or balance our energy centers. 

Spiritually, it is known as the stone of new beginnings, and so for anyone suffering from grief at the ending of something, it can bring peace and hope (via Charms of Light). It an also serve as a supportive talisman to carry with you as being a new venture, whether a new home, a new job, a new artistic pursuit, or a new relationship.