Everything You Need To Know About Using Black Tourmaline

Celebrities have been raving about healing crystals for years, with notable names like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham voicing their support of these minerals and the benefits they possess. If you're unfamiliar with this wellness trend, Cosmopolitan offers a concise explanation: "Crystals have been used as a form of healing and as a way of harnessing spiritual energy for centuries." Different crystals have different properties, meaning they're used for their own unique purpose and are typically selected based upon what you're in need of most.

One of the most commonly used crystals is black tourmaline, which is used for protection, as well as the removal of negativity and the promotion of balance. According to Tiny Rituals, black tourmaline "effectively helps the wearer be absolved of dark feelings, turning these anxious vibrations into a positive spin that nurtures the soul," which is one of several emotional benefits reaped from this grounding mineral.

To ensure you're fully tapping into the healing properties this crystal offers, you'll need to understand how to use black tourmaline properly. Thankfully, we're here to help!

Cleansing and charging black tourmaline

The benefits of black tourmaline are numerous, but only if you understand how to use the healing crystal accurately. Black tourmaline requires less care than other minerals, but you'll still need to regularly cleanse and charge the crystal to maintain its effectiveness, per Medium. It's recommended that you cleanse your black tourmaline as soon as you get it home, and you can do this in one of three ways. Submerge the crystal in a bowl of salt water, leave the tourmaline outside under the full moon for a full 24 hours, or run the crystal through sage smoke (per Cosmopolitan).

Once your black tourmaline has been cleansed properly, you'll advance to the charging stage of the process. To do this, place the crystal in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours, or "hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and imagine a white light surrounding the stone while you recharge the stone and set your intention" (via Cosmopolitan). If you opt for holding the crystal to charge it, you're completing the final step simultaneously, which is setting your intentions with the stone.

Setting your intentions with black tourmaline

To set your intentions with black tourmaline, hold the cleansed and charged stone in your hand and think of your goals and what you want the crystal to share with you of its physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties. Since this specific mineral is known to calm the mind, relieve stress, promote balance, and assist in detoxification, you can focus on any of these benefits or ask the crystal to offer all of them to you for maximum healing (via Medium). Be sure to recharge your black tourmaline between uses, as the mineral becomes less effective once it's used repeatedly.

According to Cosmopolitan, black tourmaline is "associated with forming a strong barrier between you and others to dispel any bad vibes working as a protective shield," and if you want to maximize this benefit, place the crystal by the front door of your home. Some people opt to wear tourmaline in jewelry form to enjoy its healing properties regardless of where they are, which is a great option if you're seeking continual benefits from the stone.