The Comfortable Pants Madelyn Cline Lives In

Actress Madelyn Cline enjoyed a major breakout moment thanks to her attention-grabbing performance as Sarah Cameron in "Outer Banks." Although Cline had a handful of roles to her name beforehand, including "Stranger Things" and "Vice Principals," alongside movies such as "Boy Erased" and "The Giant" (via IMDb), playing Sarah in the Netflix hit really put her on the map — it even, in fact, led to Cline being cast in star-studded mystery sequel "Knives Out 2." As Elle acknowledged in a profile, everything kind of happened at once for the young actress. 

On how she handles worldwide fame, Cline admitted, "Some days I have bad days, and some days I need to tell myself to go touch grass, because I'm incredibly lucky to be where I am ... I think the big thing is remembering where I was a few years ago and thinking about what that version of me would think about what life is now. That's always a really good way to get me centered." Aside from her social media following going through the roof and landing parts opposite A-listers, Cline has also become a fashion icon, and she's only too happy to share her top picks. 

The Outer Banks star likes to keep it comfy and casual

During a chat with Glamour about all things beauty and style, "Outer Banks" breakout Madelyn Cline revealed that her favorite cut of jeans are those with "extremely wide legs." Expanding on her offbeat choice, the Netflix starlet explained, "I'm not talking bell bottoms. I'm talking super, super wide legs. Like, painter's pants. High-waisted and super, super baggy with pockets in weird places." Cline admitted that, although she's frequently snapped looking fabulous on red carpets, in her regular life, she prefers to dress down and more comfy and casual. Likewise, her go-to shoes are "my classic checkered black-and-white Vans. They're the high-top ones with the little platform." 

Cline has been known to match her man and "Outer Banks" co-star, Chase Stokes, when the situation presents itself however, as PopSugar Australia noted of the couple's stunning MTV Movie Awards debut. On working with someone she's also dating, Cline revealed to Elle that it's great having someone who understands everything she's going through. The Netflix breakout elaborated, "It's wonderful to have that shared experience together, but it's especially nice just ... to have gone through this experience together. I feel like we've become incredibly close because of it." No word yet on what Stokes makes of his lady's "painter's pants," but let's assume he's into them.