What Heidi Montag Has To Say About The Hills Storylines

When "The Hills" premiered on MTV in 2006, the extensive drama of each episode left fans wondering how much truth there was to this so-called reality show. Several cast members, including Kristin Cavallari and Heidi Montag, have spoken at length about the ways in which they were manipulated by producers of the popular television series. Cavallari stated back in 2016, per Refinery29: "One of the producers bribed Lo, Audrina, and Stephanie and promised them he would buy them presents if they called me out on camera for doing drugs." Yikes!

Outspoken statements like this fueled the notion that "The Hills" storylines were, in fact, scripted. Montag has similarly maintained for years that her time on the show was "90%" fake, per Heavy. The Colorado native posted a video to her Instagram three weeks ago to reaffirm this declaration and stated that many of the storylines involving fights with her husband, Spencer Pratt, were completely scripted by producers. 

As if that weren't shocking enough, Montag had even more to say about the legitimacy of major storylines from "The Hills."

Heidi Montag has this to say about 'The Hills' storylines

Heidi Montag has been speaking her truth about what really went down on "The Hills" since 2016, when she was interviewed by BuzzFeed about her time on the MTV show. 

One of Montag's biggest on-camera spats occurred when she received a promotion at her job with Bolthouse Productions over her co-worker, Elodie Otto, but this altercation wasn't based on any real feud. The promotion caused an influx of drama for Montag, or so it seemed on the surface. Montag cleared the air about this for BuzzFeed and boldly stated, "I definitely did not get the promotion over Elodie! She really worked there and I pretend worked there, so it was obviously a pretend promotion for her to be upset about. That whole plot was scripted." Talk about a bombshell!

Montag went on to say in that interview that she feels as though the entire series was unfairly edited to paint her in a bad light. If it seems like Montag or even Kristin Cavallari are lying about what happened during their time on the show, Glamour backed up these claims by revealing seven additional storylines that were totally scripted. 

Even Lauren Conrad has spoken out about the fictional tales the producers told, like her alleged Paris romance (via Refinery29). "The rest is still unwritten," says the show's theme song — but it appears the original six seasons were penned in advance.