If You're A Aries, Ask These Questions On The First Date

To be an Aries is to be assertive, self-assured, and ambitious; it's to be optimistic and organized, yet spicy in your vocabulary and actions (via The Times of India). An Aries will keep you on edge, which makes them fun to date, but when dating as an Aries, you have to remember that others may not always understand your spice or mood progressions. Because of this, Aries shouldn't marry certain types of people, because some won't best understand them. When on the dating scene, Aries should also always remember their self-care and workout routines. These are paramount in keeping an Aries' mental state level-headed.

According to The Times of India, Aries is ruled by Mars, meaning they can be argumentative by nature, and this often leads people to wrong assumptions about them. They're not always angry; their tones sometimes just imply this when they're actually fine. Because of their robust personalities, it takes a certain kind of person to fully understand an Aries, and it's thus crucial for Aries to complete some screening during their first dates. After all, it's best to find out if someone will work with you earlier rather than later.

These questions will help an Aries find their forever partner

In life and in dating, Aries are impulsive, brave, and adventurous (via Thought Catalog). Their life partners, even if not exactly the same, need to be able to keep up with them — or at least be accepting of these sides of them. To weed out bad matches, Aries should ask several questions on first dates, all of which are rooted in if their date can handle them. An Aries knows they can handle other people, so their questions are all about the opposite person.

As a divisive sign, Aries should always ask their date's sign. Aries are most compatible with Leos, Geminis, Aquarians, and Sagittarians, but if they really like someone of a different sign, they'll make it work (via Compatible Astrology). Still, this is critical information.

At the same time, Aries need to ask how adventurous, temperamental, and impulsive their date is. If their date is as temperamental as they are, the relationship will never work, but it will also never work if they're not adventurous. An Aries wants to adventure with their love, so this one is crucial. Being impulsive is less important, but their date will need to let them be impulsive at times. Like Geminis, Aries are independent in a lot of ways, and as such, they need to ask their date how close they like to be in relationships. Aries need a balance between their personal time and their relationship time.

Still, your other signs in your zodiac chart affect how you date, so if you're an Aries, this is only the beginning of how you should approach your dating. You should ultimately do what's best for you.