If You're A Sagittarius, Do This Self-Care Routine

Being an adult in today's day and age can be exhausting, especially if you live in a society that favors incessant working over a balanced work-life culture. In the United States, particularly, people tend to work much longer hours when compared with their European counterparts (in 2020, Americans worked on average 1,767 hours a year, whereas the French worked 1,402 hours, per the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Americans work hard in the name of productivity; however, more often than not, this leads to burnout (via USA Link System). For this reason, self-care is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves. It not only replenishes your energy by forcing you to take some time for yourselves, but has also been clinically proven to reduce burnout, depression, and anxiety, according to Southern New Hampshire University. 

Still, forms of self-care can vary greatly depending on the type of person one is. Some people also believe that the cosmos have a bit of influence over this. Based on their astrological sun sign, which are said to greatly influence our personalities, a person might benefit from one type of self-care over another. And if you're a Sagittarius (a.k.a. the sign known for never slowing down, via Little Infinite) self-care might be especially imperative for you. On that note, here's how you should practice self-care if you're a Sagittarius. 

These creative outlets can reignite a Sagittarius' fire

Sagittarians (otherwise known as the Archers) are believed to be the wanderers of the zodiac, constantly seeking and exploring. For that reason, one form of self-care specific to the Archer is travel (via Little Infinite). It's no secret that Sagittarians love getting their passports stamped and jet-setting around the world. However, as that can be a bit more difficult nowadays (thanks to COVID-19!), perhaps an impromptu weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered!  

For a more practical (and instantaneous) way to love thyself, Sagittarians can try belly dancing. This form of dancing is said to help open up the sacral chakra, which is located closest to the hips (a.k.a. the part of the body associated with Sagittarius). As the Archer is said to carry most of their stress in their hips, opening up this particular chakra could help provide inner balance and enhance both emotional and creative flows, according to Vogue

Lastly, the Archer can try a good old-fashioned walk to both clear their mind and unwind. We know that walks are good for everyone (i.e. burns calories, strengthens heart and lungs, helps to ease join paint, etc ... via Healthline). However, walks can be even especially beneficial for a Sagittarius, as the aimless wandering helps to both unlock their thoughts and fuel their innate need for freedom, per Cosmopolitan