The Definitive Guide To All The Types Of Eyebrow Piercings

If you're bored with your face and are looking to give it a little edge, an eyebrow piercing might be a good choice for you. Popularized in the '70s by those in the punk movement as a bold fashion statement, per Mic, the piercing draws attention to your eyes while giving a rebellious flair at the same time. 

Plus, if you've always wanted a face piercing but are wary of pain, the eyebrow piercing is one of the least painful. "[An eyebrow piercing] is very easy, one of the easiest to perform, in my opinion. It's just a single needle — I don't even use a tool, I just use my fingers," celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson told Byrdie. "Not a very painful piercing. There are not a lot of nerves there on your brow." 

Although these exterior mug decorations seem like a fun way to express yourself, given the fact that they're surface piercings, they leave a permanent scar and are prone to rejection, per Fresh Trends, so think twice before popping into your local tattoo parlor. However, if the scar doesn't phase you, the eyebrow piercing may be the perfect way to go. Many also might not know that eyebrow piercings also come in different styles, shapes, and placements for you to choose from. So, here is the definitive guide to all types of eyebrow piercings.

The different types of eyebrow piercings

Typically placed on the outer edge of the eyebrow and laid vertically, the vertical version is the look most people associate with when they think of an eyebrow piercing. It is best used with a curved barbell or a hoop, according to Spencer's. A variation of the classic eyebrow piercing, the horizontal eyebrow piercing sits on top of the eyebrow in a — you guessed it — horizontal position, with a curved barbell. The piercer may have the adjust the angle for optimal results, though, per Body Candy.

An even more exotic version of the eyebrow piercing is the anti-eyebrow piercing, sometimes called the butterfly or teardrop piercing. It is placed on the top of the cheekbone and beneath the eye to align with the eyebrow, and can be pierced with a surface bar, a barbell, or curved barbell, according to Fresh Trends. Although it was originally performed with a clamp, a more modern way to create the anti-eyebrow is with a small dermal punch, a tool that removes a circular section of the skin, per Urban Body Jewelry.

All eyebrow piercings take about three to four months to fully heal, but the ring can be switched out after around six weeks. The average price is $30 -$40, and is performed with a hollow piercing needle around 14 – 16 gauge, as noted by Byrdie. To prevent rejection or infection, opt for implant grade titanium or gold jewelry, wash with gentle soap and water, and avoid touching it for a long time.