Inside Kim Basinger And Alec Baldwin's Relationship After Their Divorce

After all of the media coverage of their relationship, it's hard to believe Alec and Hilaria Baldwin haven't always been together. According to Insider, the pair didn't meet until 2011 and they got married the following year. While the couple has endured several controversies together and is in the process of raising six kids, Baldwin had a complicated love life prior to meeting his current wife.

Before he settled down with Hilaria, he was romantically linked to several actresses, according to Closer Weekly. A few of those big names were Janine Turner, Holly Gagnier, Kristin Davis, and Lori Singer. He was only married once before — to Kim Basinger in the 90s.

Basinger and Baldwin were married for nearly eight years before they decided to split. They share a daughter, Ireland Baldwin, who was born in 1995. According to E!, the pair had a difficult divorce and custody battle, leaving them on less than ideal terms.

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin's relationship has improved over the years

Basinger was one of the most successful actresses of the 80s, per Daily Mail. The pair met on the set of the movie "The Marrying Man," and the rest was history. However, their split after eight years together was a messy one. According to E!, the divorce led to a difficult custody battle.

The couple's daughter, Ireland, didn't have the easiest time during the process. "Divorce is hard on a kid, no matter how you cut it," Basinger told "The Edit" (per Daily Mail). "And ours was very public and nasty. So I brought up Ireland in a very unconventional way. I just wanted her to be free. If she wanted to have her friends over and write over the walls with pen, that was fine. I wanted her childhood to be full of love and light and animals and friends."

However, the good news is the exes are cool now, and Ireland has a great relationship with her half-siblings. Basinger even left a sweet comment on Ireland's post celebrating her sister Carmen's birthday, calling the youngster "so beautiful." The 9 1/2 Weeks star added: "But YOU know how to get it done and she will learn from you." Whether Basinger put her feelings aside for their daughter or the exes truly buried the hatchet, things seem much more peaceful between this pair.