Everything You Need To Know About Using Pink Calcite

If you're someone who's looking to learn about crystals, look no further. With all of the different types of crystals with their own individual meanings and healing properties, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but we're hoping we can ease a little bit of that by doing the hard part for you. Today we're going to be talking about pink calcite — a great beginner stone for washing away negative energy and healing emotional expression (via Tiny Rituals).

Calcite comes in a range of shades, from green to purple, and each brings its own unique energy and healing property to the table. Pink calcite specifically is incredibly similar to rose quartz, and deals mainly with energy in the heart chakra (via Crystal Life). It is known to be used as a way to soften protective, grieving, or unforgiving hearts and dispel particularly large blockages in the heart chakra. It is also said to have a nurturing energy, and can be used to help heal one's inner child.

How to use pink calcite effectively

As with any crystal, how and where you use pink calcite in your life depends on your own personal needs. Since pink calcite is associated strongly with the heart chakra, you may consider wearing it as a pendant in order to keep it close to your heart, as skin contact is incredibly effective for getting the most energy out of your crystals (via Tiny Rituals).

Pink calcite towers or stones can also serve the double purpose of radiating energy as well as being beautiful pops of color. Consider putting a pink calcite stone in the entrance to wherever you consider to be your safe space in your home — whether that's your bedroom, your bathroom, etc., putting a pink calcite standing guard at the entrance will trap negative energy before you enter, and remind you that this is a space of healing and self-care. Overall, pink calcite is an excellent choice of stone for anyone looking to bring a bit of self-love and light into their life.