How To Safely Cleanse Your Sinuses

We have all been there — a stuffy nose, facial pressure, mucus running down the throat, a headache, a feeling of being all plugged up, a runny nose, a cough. Nasal congestion and sinus irritation are usually caused by allergies or infections like colds, flu, or sinusitis, and while they are pretty common, they never seem to get easier to deal with and are never fun.


These symptoms can also come about due to alcohol, overusing decongestant nasal spray, a deviated septum, dry air, spicy foods, hormonal changes, medications, occupational asthma, sleep apnea, smoke from tobacco products, or stress (via Mayo Clinic).

There are medicines and natural remedies that can help ease these woes, such as utilizing a humidifier and sipping on warm soups and teas. In some cases, a trip to the doctor may be necessary. But there is also a safe and effective way to clean out your sinuses at home.

An at-home sinus flush is easier than you might think

To remedy nasal congestion and sinus irritation, you can do a saltwater sinus flush at home. Also called nasal irrigation, this process uses salt water to rinse out nasal passages.

To begin, mix warm, sterile water and pure salt. To ensure the water is sterile, opt for distilled, filtered water or boil some water for one minute. Next up, you will need a clean neti pot or squeeze bottle. Stand over a sink or shower (things could get messy!) with your head to one side.


Squeeze and pour the saline solution into your nostril, letting it wash through your nose and come out the other side (the nostril closest to the sink or shower). Repeat the process on the other side, and when you are done, gently blow your nose in order to make sure all the mucus and water is gone (via Healthline). Hopefully, you will now be able to breathe and function a little better!