How To Do A Cleanse With Crystals

Crystals are often used as a form of self-care for soothing the body, soul, and mind. Some crystal users believe that the gems have the ability to work on an energetic level, sending vibrations out.

According to Mind Body Green, healing crystals can make a positive addition to your self-care routine. If used in the right way, crystals can impact your life in a number of positive ways, including breathing new life into your home, focusing your mind on your financial goals, and helping you to find love. Still, crystals don't offer an overnight fix to all of your issues — it's a process that can take time. As per Mind Body Green, crystals need to be programmed with the specific intention that you have, before you will begin to see results from using them.

As Healthline notes, when ordering new crystals, it's important to be aware that often crystals have traveled a long distance from where they were sourced, which means that the stone may have been exposed to energy that is not aligned with your self-care needs. This is one reason why cleansing and charging new crystals on arrival is an important step to take.

Many people believe that when a crystal is used for healing purposes, the stone absorbs or redirects any negative thoughts and feelings, changing the state of the stone. It's for this reason that regular cleansing and recharging is so vital, as this is the only method of restoring the crystal.

What's the best method of cleansing your crystals?

According to Mind Body Green, cleansing and charging new stones is vital as various people may have touched them, letting in both positive and negative energies. Healthline reports that there are various methods for cleansing crystals, including using fresh, running water, salt water, brown rice, sage, or via visualization.

Cleansing with running water should remove negative energy from the crystal, returning it to its original state. While running water, such as from a stream, is best for cleansing, you can also use a running tap. Additionally, salt can be used to absorb any unwanted energies and remove negativity. If you live near the sea, collect a bowl of seawater and use it to submerge and cleanse your crystals. Alternatively, mix sea salt into a bowl of water and cleanse your crystals in the bowl of salted water. 

Another route to cleansing your crystals is using sage and smudging your stone to help clear negative vibrations and restore its natural energy. Simply light the tip of a bunch of sage and carefully move your crystals through the smoke. Brown rice can also be used to cleanse crystals, drawing negative energy out of the stones. This works best for protective stones, such as black tourmaline. Simply fill a bowl with brown rice and bury your crystals in the grains. In addition to the aforementioned ideas, Healthline also suggests using sound (such as a singing bowl), sunlight, or breath work on your gems.

As per Mind Body Green, you can also use visualization to cleanse your stones. You simply imagine what you desire, holding the stone in your hands, visualizing it being cleansed by light.