If You're A Libra, Ask These Questions On The First Date

First dates can be a little tricky, and knowing what topics to discuss can be even more difficult. A useful tip to make first dates easier is to ask questions based around star signs, for a date — and conversation — that flows more easily.

As per Vice, Libras are "born under the sign of the scales" and are known for being suave with their words, and having a flirty, fun nature. This means that if you're a Libra, you're naturally able to turn any awkward situation into a cute, light-hearted experience — it's simply a case of knowing what questions to ask your date.

It's normal for those first few dates with someone new to be somewhat awkward. What can make a first date even more awkward is a lull in the conversation, and not knowing what to ask next. So if you're feeling a little confused about what you should ask your date, consider taking your star sign into account.

What questions should Libras ask on a first date?

According to Vice, Libras tend to get easily annoyed when a date tries to impress them by showing off factors like their career or their income. This means that unless you want your date to end up annoying you, it's best to steer clear of questions about success. Instead, opt to keep things more light-hearted and fun.

According to Bustle, Libras are ruled by Venus, which means that most Libras are romantics. Usually, Libras have a good sense of balance, hence the scale symbol, and a good sense of beauty. Libras are also usually artistic and gain pleasure from aesthetically pleasing things. A good question to ask on a first date could be "What's one place that you have visited and thought was the most beautiful place you have seen?" This will tell you more about the person, their experiences, and whether they are a good fit for your star sign.

As per Bustle, you will probably have a better conversation if you tailor the questions that you ask to your star sign and their star sign. Bearing that in mind, the ultimate first question could be "What is your star sign?"