I Love A Mama's Boy Stars Reveal What To Expect In Season 2 - Exclusive

Coming back for a second season can be daunting, especially if a show's first season was a hit. There's a lot of pressure to make Season 2 just as good — if not better — than Season 1. Viewers are often disappointed if that doesn't happen. Luckily for fans of "I Love a Mama's Boy," the show's second season is sure to be everything they've wanted and more. The reality series follows several sets of couples who are dealing with over-involved, overzealous, and often overbearing moms. Complete with romance, laughter, and lots of drama, "I Love a Mama's Boy" is a must-watch. 

Season 2 of the show features two new trios as well as three returning, including Mike and Stephanie — the couple — and Mike's mom, Liz. A lot has changed for Stephanie, Mike, and Liz since Season 1 of "I Love a Mama's Boy," and all these changes are sure to make for a thrilling second season. The trio sat down with The List for an exclusive interview in which they reveal what to expect in Season 2.

A lot has changed for Stephanie, Mike, and Liz since Season 1

When fans last saw Stephanie, Mike, and Liz on Season 1 of "I Love a Mama's Boy," Stephanie and Mike were considering a move to the West coast that would have left Liz behind. But a lot's happened since then. "What really happened after Season 1 ended was that I didn't take that job and we moved into a bigger apartment," Stephanie told The List. "We wanted more space, we were quarantined so we each wanted to have our own office." She also explained that both she and Mike earned "minor promotions at work," but once Season 2 started filming, "things started happening."

Mike also teased some serious excitement in Season 2, saying, "Season 2 is going to be interesting. You guys got a quick look into who we were as a family on Season 1, but honestly it got cut short because [of] COVID and there was a lot of stuff that wasn't able to be covered. So Season 2, you're going to get a much closer look." The reality star also added that he's "pretty sure" fans are going to want a spinoff show, or at least a Season 3. Liz agreed, saying, "You guys will be begging for a Season 3 or the public will, for sure."

I Love a Mama's Boy stars say to expect a lot more drama in Season 2

Why will fans be "begging" for more Stephanie, Mike, and Liz content? Because Season 2 is going to bring the drama — "a lot more drama," as Mike told The List. "We definitely are going to be moving around a lot and making some big decisions and there's a lot more emotions this season, I would say," Stephanie revealed. 

"I feel like I let my guard down and had a lot more emotions than I did last season." Mike agreed with his girlfriend, adding "I think we were able to let our guard down and really be ourselves ... So I'm excited to open up to the viewers and let them get to see what we really are like behind the camera. And also with that more time to be able to not get cut short because of the pandemic."

The trio even gave The List exclusive tips on moments to watch out for in "I Love a Mama's Boy" Season 2. "You guys are definitely going to want to bookmark the episode when we go furniture shopping," Mike teased. Stephanie also added that fans are "going to want to bookmark the episode Mike and my dad have a conversation," and that the episode in which Liz meets her family is particularly juicy. Mike finished, "If you enjoyed Season 1, you are going to love Season 2."

"I Love a Mama's Boy" airs on TLC on Sundays at 10PM ET/PT.