Ivanka Trump's Taste In Music Is Turning Heads

Ivanka Trump — the daughter of a billionaire former president, a former fashion model, and a highly successful businesswoman in her own right — is someone most of us wouldn't think we had anything in common with, except perhaps for the fact that we all put our pants on one leg at a time. 

Well, thanks to social media's penchant for intruding into every aspect of celebrities' lives and oversharing such never-meant-to-be-public items like shopping lists, video viewing, and yes, even music playlists, we now know the shocking truth: Trump listens to (gasp!) pretty much the exact same music as every other millennial.

Yes, it's true. Rather than listening to obscure Slovakian folk songs, whale sounds, or podcasts on how to earn your next billion, Trump, it seems, chills out to a fairly mainstream selection of popular music, as her recent Spotify playlists attest (via Indy100). Keep reading to find out what Ivanka Trump listens to.

Ivanka Trump's music choices are surprisingly unsurprising

Spoiler: No, you can no longer go and peep Ivanka Trump's Spotify playlists for yourself. As Indy100 reports, she has now changed the privacy settings on her account so they're not visible to the unwashed masses (or even the ones who shower five times a day). 

Up until fairly recently, though, this was not the case. A TikTok user found her playlists and did what anyone would do in such circumstances: promptly posted a video revealing all — and tweeted it, too, for good measure.

According to those playlists, now memorialized in perpetuity, back in 2015, Trump's favorite tunes included Vampire Weekend, Ed Sheeran, and Carly Rae Jepson (no, the CRJ song wasn't "Call Me Maybe"). More recently, she's been into Grimes (Trump listens to her stuff while running), Belle and Sebastian (for lazy weekend mornings), Lorde, and Imagine Dragons. (The last two are on her playlist for walking to work, which begs the question: Where is she walking to, exactly?) 

Well, Trump's life circumstances may have made her quite literally "not like other girls," but it's nice to know that her music tastes are so refreshingly normal.