Painting Your Bedroom This Color Can Earn You Big Bucks

The headache of selling your home is an insurmountable one, and it only gets more complicated as the final sale date draws nearer, not to discount the preparation that goes into it before it's shown to potential buyers. Home buyers make their own mistakes, but selling houses is just as hard — and not at all what it looks like on television series like "Million Dollar Listing."

The wide number of factors that go into selling a home are overwhelming, but certain tips and tricks can make the process a little easier on you. According to HGTV, some tips include ensuring your house is very well-lit, having your closets only half full so viewers can accurately sense how much storage they have, removing any animals during the viewing period, and de-personalizing your home so that viewers can create a better mental picture of their own belongings in the house.

Painting your walls certain colors can also help. Naturally, some colors are considered the worst possible hues for your home's walls, but others can create certain moods that sway viewers' opinions and help them feel at ease.

The reason this color works so well may actually surprise you

When it comes to painting your bedroom, there's just one color you should consider, and according to Zillow Group, it's dark blue. Other rooms will benefit from different colors, but for a bedroom, you want to be bolder than, say, a bathroom or kitchen. After all, it's the space that's your own, and a nice, rich dark blue will cement yourself to viewers as someone who's bold and fun but doesn't entirely take themselves too seriously.

In fact, Zillow completed a study in which they surveyed home buyers on their opinions of certain colors in certain rooms of a house, and dark blue was the most-liked color for bedrooms. As it turned out, buyers were willing to pay more for houses that included dark blue bedrooms than they were with bedrooms of any other color.

This makes sense when considering color theory. Dark blue "represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness," all factors that would make home buyers trust you more and therefore pay more (via Super Color). Generally, blue also equates to freedom and imagination, which don't hurt either.

Naturally, color theory isn't the end all be all, but it's worth considering if you're selling your home.