Jumping Rope Vs. Running: Which Is The Better Workout?

Creating an effective workout routine can take time. For one, you need to make sure it works for you and your fitness goals, whether that's training for a marathon or generally staying healthy. Secondly, it needs to be a sustainable habit that makes you consistently get out of bed.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends "two-thirds cardio workouts to one-third strength training" for overall fitness (via UW Medicine). Sports medicine doctor Christopher McMullen tells the publication, "The most important thing is that you have some mix of exercises and that you're doing something you enjoy." He also adds that "in general, cardio exercise works to improve cardiovascular adaptations that increase oxygen consumption."

Jumping rope and running are both extremely effective forms of cardio and can be incorporated into HIIT and LISS workouts. You can do both as a part of your workout routine, but if you're feeling partial towards one, read on to know which one is more effective.

Jumping rope can burn more calories than running

According to a study cited by Shape America, jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises; just 10 minutes of this exercise can be comparable to 30 minutes of jogging."There are so many health benefits from jumping rope,"Jeremiah Maestre, trainer at Rumble Boxing tells Men's Health. "You get increased cardiovascular levels, flexibility, rhythm, muscle tone, shoulders, arms, and legs."

However, running may take a little longer but is just as powerful in terms of reducing body fat and the risk for heart disease, according to one study. In 2015, FitBit also reported that running was one of the most popular workouts around the world (via L.A. Times), which was supported by a 2020 report by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association which showed that more than 50 million Americans participate in some form of running or jogging.

Nevertheless, skipping rope has benefits that may just outweigh running. For the same amount of time, jump rope can burn more calories than running, albeit the difference is small (via Healthline). They both are high impact exercises, but personal trainer Joshua Vela tells Well + Good that "when done correctly, jumping rope can actually be lower impact on the joints than running. It's a great way for runners to train on off days to build ankle stability and even prevent shin splints." If you're on the fence, you could alternate between the two until you find what works for you.