Type A Vs. Type B Personalities: Which Are You?

The world abounds with many personalities. Still, everyone falls into one of two types, despite all the nuances. According to Key Differences, personalities divide into Type A and Type B. These personality types reveal how each person responds to stress (via Simply Psychology). 

While you might consider it an all-or-nothing situation, Simply Psychology points out that the two personality types fall on either end of a trait continuum, which is why you might find that you have some traits of each type, depending on what's going on in your life. That could be why you have a tough time categorizing yourself as either Type A or Type B.

Although there's a continuum, you probably fall on one side or the other. So, which personality type best fits you or somebody close to you? Read on to learn how to figure it out — you might be surprised at which personality type you are!

The traits of Type A and Type B personalities

According to Key Differences, a few things separate the general disposition of Type A and Type B personalities. If you or someone you know is the former, you might notice you're highly competitive, self-critical, and goal-driven. As for the latter, they generally have relaxed and more easy-going attitudes with more patience. They seem to enjoy the process of reaching a goal more than somebody who is primarily Type A, Simply Psychology reported. 

While people with Type A tendencies stress over time, those with Type B seem to not be affected much by time or deadlines. In addition, people with Type A personalities tend to be good at multi-tasking, while those with Type B often focus on one thing at a time.

While there's nothing inherently good or bad about being either type of personality, whichever one you are could play a role in your health. For example, according to Simply Psychology, if you're Type A, you have about twice the risk of developing coronary heart disease as somebody who is Type B. This could be due to the added stress you feel, which increases the presence of stress hormones. If you're concerned about your health, be sure to talk to your doctor.