What Mary Trump Thinks Could Stop Donald Trump From Making A Political Comeback

There has been much speculation over whether or not Donald Trump will return as a GOP candidate on the 2024 ballot. While some close to him have said a third presidential race is inevitable for Trump, not everyone is convinced that he will give it another go. For one, his own niece thinks that he may not be available for another race with all that he has going on. Following a tumultuous four years in the White House, this is what Mary Trump thinks could stop Donald Trump from making a political comeback. 

Speaking with Carlos Watson on "The Carlos Watson Show," Mary shared that she believes Donald might be preoccupied. Mary believes that Donald is "too busy" to dedicate the necessary time and attention to a political campaign. She said that her uncle is "involved, at the moment, in at least three major lawsuits, one of which is mine, and at least three criminal investigations." These legal battles may keep him from pursuing another political career. "There's a possibility that he's going to be too busy defending himself in court or too busy giving depositions to stay engaged politically," she said. 

Mary has also gone on the record about Donald's remaining supporters. Speaking with CNN's Jake Tapper in August, she said, "You know, in some ways, I think he's surrounded by enough sycophants and yes-men to feel that he is still the center of attention in some regard. Plus, of course, Republicans are still continuing to keep him relevant."

Mary Trump's relationship with her uncle

Donald Trump has not commented publicly on his plans to run for president in 2024, or his lack thereof. But for those holding out hope for a third Trump presidency, it may be a possibility. A spokesperson for the former POTUS told Newsweek that Trump is "keeping all of his options open" when it comes to his next moves.

While Mary Trump may know a little about her uncle's current legal troubles, it is unlikely that she is getting information straight from the source. Donald and Mary are known to be estranged after he allegedly took "tens of millions of dollars" from her when forcing her out of the Trump family's massive real estate business, per The Independent. When filing her lawsuit against her uncle, Mary claimed that Donald allegedly took unlawful possession of her "share of the family's real estate holdings while claiming to be her protectors." She was also quoted as saying that "fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life."

In a powerful tweet, she commented on her perception of her uncle. "What's good for him has always been his only calculus," she wrote. Mary and Donald Trump are at quite the odds and the former seems confident that a second Trump presidency is unlikely. As the events of their legal battles continue to unfold, only time will tell if he gives it another go.