Aquaphor Vs. Vaseline: Which Is Better?

Since 1859, petroleum jelly has been a key substance when it comes to treating cuts, scrapes, burns, dry skin, and more. Its main ingredient, petroleum, helps seal in moisture with a water protective barrier, according to Healthline. Although many outlets have been reporting that the thick substance leads to clogged pores and is difficult to remove from the skin, which is especially not ideal for those with oily skin, it can also be effectively used as a way to repair your skin's barrier. "It's like putting a piece of plastic over your skin — it prevents evaporation," dermatologist Alan Dattner told HuffPost.

As many might know, there are two main petroleum jelly products out there on the market whose superiority is constantly debated: Aquaphor and Vaseline. While Vaseline is made with 100% petroleum jelly, Aquaphor is a blend of petroleum jelly, mineral oils, mineral wax, vitamin B, and more, according to Healthline. But which one should you use? They both have their pros and cons, and keep scrolling to find out what they are.

Aquaphor is better for moisture while Vaseline is better for wounds

Many may think of the ingredient "petroleum jelly" and think that it can be used as their daily moisturizer, but this is often not the case. Basically, Vaseline cannot create moisture itself, but rather retains the moisture that's already there. Aquaphor on the other hand, has ingredients that can allow the product to be used as an effective moisturizer. "Aquaphor [is] a better moisturizer, which is probably because of the humectant properties of glycerin and additional occlusive properties of lanolin" dermatologist Hadley King told Healthline.

However, the purity of Vaseline has been proven to be more effective when it comes to treating minor injuries (via National Library of Medicine). This is because Aquaphor contains an ingredient called lanolin, a wax that typically comes from sheep, which can cause redness and irritation (via Find Your Mom Tribe).

Overall, if you're looking for something to treat your wounds, Vaseline is a reliable way to go. But if moisturizing is your main concern, you're better off reaching for your Aquaphor.