TikTok Is Obsessed With This Oddly Satisfying Ice Cream Scraping Video

There's no denying TikTok has earned its reputation for having unique and interesting videos. People use the social media platform for a variety of reasons, and it's easy to fall down the TikTok rabbit hole. One theme that users seem to love is "oddly satisfying" clips. From short and sweet shaving cream videos to sped-up versions of successful drywalling, these types of posts find a lot of success on TikTok. If you're a true fan, you probably know that creators also post them to YouTube, Instagram, and other popular platforms (via Lemonade). 

There's a reason so many people find this type of footage satisfying. Kevin Allocca, head of trends and culture at YouTube, explained the phenomenon (via Wired). "There is something about finding congruence in visual stimuli that seems to be the value," he said. "I think people are starting to understand that there is an art to creating things that are oddly satisfying."

If you like ice cream and scraping sounds, chances are you will go crazy for the oddly satisfying ice cream scraping video. Much like the successful drywall videos, this short clip packs quite a punch.

Here's why TikTok users love this ice cream scraping video

This oddly satisfying ice cream scraping video made quite a splash on TikTok. It racked up 8.4 million likes, and users shared it more than 216,000 times. Nearly 100,000 accounts also took the time to leave a comment. The user in question regularly posts scraping videos, as seen from a look at his TikTok profile.

The premise of the sprinkle ice cream clip is simple. There is a container coated with white ice cream covered in multicolored sprinkles. Then, with the camera pointed down into the container, the user takes a silver scraper with a black handle to satisfyingly scrape up the sides and shake the globs of ice cream off into the bottom with a loud plop. Many of those who replied said that they wanted to eat the tasty-looking birthday concoction. However, it's unclear if the mixture is indeed edible, as it resembles drywall (except for all the colorful sprinkles). If you enjoy oddly satisfying videos on TikTok, chances are you'll love this one.