If You're A Taurus, These Are Careers You Should Consider

Taurus is a zodiac sign that's often unfairly maligned as being lazy, but this is just a load of bull ... stuff. The Bull may, in fact, be one of the zodiac's hardest workers. Taurus' pragmatic nature will stand them in good stead when it comes time to find a job, though, since in most cases, economic reality dictates which jobs are available to us to a far greater extent than do any of our dreams and aspirations. Sure, most kids (and quite a few adults) may dream of becoming sports stars or TikTok influencers, but practical Taurus has noticed that it takes a lot more people to stock grocery store shelves and patch potholes than it does to dream up new dance moves.

Taurus, of all the signs, is the one most willing to accept that the only "perfect job" is one that pays the bills without seriously endangering your health or sanity. Still, there are certain positions that are a natural fit for Taurus, making use as they do of the Bull's strengths and abilities.

A Taurus makes a good money manager

Taurus is not by nature a particularly greedy sign, but they do like to be comfortable, and they are also savvy enough to have figured out that in order to afford those creature comforts we all crave, you've got to be comfortably well-off. Taureans not born into wealth soon resign themselves to the fact that they're not only going to have to go out and earn their daily crust, but learn how to manage it, too. Fortunately, this is a skill that seems to come naturally to the Bull, so much so that many of them do quite well pursuing a career in the field of financial services.

Zip Recruiter suggests a variety of different jobs that all involve working with money, all of which they feel are good fits for the Taurus personality. An entry-level position for Taureans interested in working with money might involve cashiering, as there are numerous such positions in retail and fast-food establishments. Taureans entering the financial services field could also start off as bank tellers, and in time, may be able to obtain the necessary education and training to climb that career ladder all the way to the top to work as bank managers. A Taurus who prefers to be their own boss, however, may prefer working as a financial adviser.

The kitchen is Taurus' happy place

If there's one thing Taurus knows and loves with a deep, abiding passion, that is good food. Taureans not only love to eat, but many of them also love to cook as well, and in fact might happily while away the hours lost in a cookbook the way other signs might enjoy a good novel. It should come as no surprise, then, if a young Taurus — when asked where they'd like to go to college — doesn't answer with Harvard or Howard or [insert state name] U but instead chimes in that they wish they could attend the Institute of Culinary Education or even study at Le Cordon Bleu.

Even Taureans who can't afford such elite cooking schools can and do pursue careers in the food industry. After all, you can create culinary nirvana at a diner (or drive-in, or dive) as well as at a Michelin-starred eatery. Other food-world careers, according to Indeed, include butcher, baker, cake decorator, and sommelier — or Taurus can combine their business acumen with their foodie dreams by working in restaurant management.

Taureans can help make the world more beautiful

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. While in astronomical terms, the earth's next-door neighbor is hot and inhospitable, mythologically speaking, the name of Venus is associated with love, beauty, and harmony. The way astrologers see it, having Venus as a ruling planet is what gives Taurus their sense of the aesthetic. Not only do Taureans strive to make their homes attractive as well as comfortable, but many also exhibit a sense of style that is eye-catching without being over the top: pretty in pink, rather than blazing in neon.

Taureans can use their Venus-given flair for beauty in a number of ways in order to make a living. Zip Recruiter suggests positions ranging from graphic artist or fashion designer to home decorator or florist. For Dasha Speaks, the ideal Taurus career might well be that of photographer -– specifically, landscape photographer. While some may sneer at the idea of "calendar shots," the fact is, a calendar featuring a beautiful field of flowers or a peaceful, bucolic scene may well be the only bright spot in many a bleak cubicle. Being the person that provides that momentary respite to the eyes of an office-bound worker is as noble a calling as any.

Taurus, these jobs allow you to get close to the earth

While Taurus' ruling planet may be Venus, the sign's ruling element is earth. This not only leads the Bull to be well-grounded in a metaphorical sense, but also to have a literal affinity for the soil. In fact, the true Taurus spirit animal may well be Ferdinand the Bull, happiest sitting peacefully on his own in a field full of flowers.

Taureans who have green thumbs may well be able to make a living from gardening or landscaping, while even those who are less lucky with their plant cultivation could still find enjoyment working in a garden supply store (and maybe pick up a few pointers while they're there). The Magic Horoscope also suggests that Taurus may even wish to pursue a career in agriculture, explaining that this sign tends to have the necessary patience as well as the physical strength to perform the extremely demanding work that farming so often entails.