Beautiful Baby Girl Indian Names You'll Want For Your Daughter

​​Deciding on a name is one of the many decisions you'll have to make as you're prepping to bring a baby girl into your family. If you've decided on an Indian name for your daughter, there are many beautiful and traditional names to choose from. You're sure to find one that's perfect for your baby.

While you can just go by the sound of the name alone, most Indian names have special meaning and significance that you can also consider. Cultural Atlas explains that "most given names in India are intentionally chosen with a specific meaning, and many are acutely aware of the meaning of their name."

The numerology of names is also very important to some people in Indian culture. Name numerology is the process of using the letters in a name to come up with a number. The number then pertains to the person's personality and life, much like some interpret astrological signs. The Diplomat explains how to calculate this number. "Each letter (in the name) is ascribed a different mathematical value and summed up, and if the number is more than 10, the digits from each position (the units, the tens, and the hundreds) are further added to each other until a single digit is obtained."

There's already so much to consider when picking baby names — and more when you consider these factors — so, we've come up with a list of our favorite Indian names for baby girls.


According to Baby Center, Saanvi is believed to be one of the names of the Hindu deity Lakshmi. However, it is also sometimes associated with the Sanskrit word for summit. Lakshmi is a fascinating goddess. Britannica describes her as the goddess of "wealth and good fortune." She's the wife of the Hindu god Vishnu and is said to have taken many different forms to be with Vishnu throughout his various lives. Names with a rich history, like this one, are always interesting because there are so many stories to research and tell your daughter about.

The lucky number for Saanvi is 3. According to Parenting Nation's numerology, those with the name Saanvi have many friends as a result of their "friendly nature." Additionally, "Saanvi is very enthusiastic and has this natural ability to encourage frustrated people to move ahead in life." So, if you believe in the effect of numerology, this name could help ensure your daughter is happy, pleasant, and outgoing.


If you're at all plugged in to pop culture, then you've probably heard the name Priyanka plenty of times. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an Indian actress well known for her roles in films like "Baywatch," "Mary Kom," and "Don 2." She's become even more widely talked about since her heavily-publicized wedding to Nick Jonas in 2018 and for their glamorous lifestyle.

However, the name itself, which means "beloved," is still fairly unique. The Bump has it listed as No. 10156 in popularity.

For those of you interested in numerology, Parenting Nation calculated Priyanka's lucky number as 5. According to the site, some good traits associated with this number are an "open mind," "curiosity," and a drive for freedom. However, Priyanka can also be "trivial and untrustworthy." Though there is some bad mixed in with the good, we still think it's a beautiful name, definitely worth adding to your list of candidates.


Divya is a sweet-sounding name that, according to, means "divine brilliance." Its lucky number in numerology is 7. Parenting Nation says those with a 7 name have "intuition owing to a clear awareness and careful attitude" and notes that Divya has a "desire and urge for seeking truth in everything."

Bollywood actress Divya Bharti is probably one of the most well-known individuals named Divya. According to IMDb, her Bollywood debut "'Dil Hi To Hai" garnered Bharti a lot of attention. People were so enamored by her that she made 13 more films in the year that followed. Bharti was well loved by the public and assumed to have a bright career ahead of her, but, tragically, the starlet died after an unexpected accident in 1993 when she was only 19. Years after her tragic death, the actress is still remembered for her short but impactful life, and this name pays a beautiful homage to her.


If you're looking for a traditional Indian name, then Priyala is an excellent choice. Not only does it have a beautiful sound when said out loud, but it also has a lovely meaning. According to Baby Name Meaningz, Priyala represents both one who is beloved and one who gives love.

Along with its meaning in language, you can find more significance in the name's numerology. Priyala is linked to the lucky number 1. According to Baby Center, those with a number 1 name are determined and independent, have "a strong spirit" and are destined for success. They are charismatic and open "to try new things" and "embrace new ideas." Those all sound like great qualities to pass on to your daughter. Even if you don't put any stock in the effect of numerology, you can just think of it as added meaning to an already beautiful name.

If you like the sound of Priyala but aren't entirely sold yet, try taking a look at some similar baby names. Priya or Prija are both similar-sounding Indian names that are a little shorter. These simple, two-syllable names are perfect if you want something cuter and less formal. Or, for the best of both worlds, you could name your daughter Priyala and use Priya as a nickname.


Speaking of short and sweet, two-syllable names, Chiti is such an adorable name for a little girl. The easy spelling and pronunciation also help prevent people from stumbling over the name, which can often happen with lesser-known names. Chiti has the advantage of being unique while still easy enough to sound out.

The meaning of Chiti is as simple as the name itself. According to Baby Centre, it simply means "love." It's a straightforward but impactful meaning, just like the short but strong name.

Baby Centre also states that 4 is the lucky number for Chiti, which is quite meaningful in Indian numerology. Nabatara Institute of Astrology describes those with the birth number 4 as organized and logical. Number 4 people are said to be skillfully organized and excellent leaders and founders "capable [of turning] dreams into reality." Number 4s are also described as "responsible," with a knack for management. But, whether or not you enjoy looking into all the meanings behind a name, Chiti is a precious and fun name that's perfect for a baby girl.


Mrinal (pronounced m-r-IH-n-uh-l) is another gorgeous, traditional Indian name, and, according to Parenting Nation, its lucky number is also 4. So, just like Chiti, Mrinal represents patience, trustworthiness, and "amazing management skills," when it comes to numerology. Outside of numerology, Baby Names notes that Mrinal means lotus stalk, which is a kind of root vegetable commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Although Mrinal is a wonderful girl's name, it is actually unisex, so it works well for a little boy as well. In fact, the critically-acclaimed Indian filmmaker and director Mrinal Sen is one of the most famous people with the name. According to his official website, he enjoyed experimenting with different structures within the medium of film. Quite successful, he received prestigious awards from numerous major film festivals in cities all over the world, including Cannes, Cairo, Chicago, Moscow, Montreal, Berlin, and Venice. You could pick the name Mrinal in honor of this acclaimed artist, whether you're having a boy or a girl.


Aarya (pronounced aa r – y uh) sounds quite similar to the Italian name Aria. This traditional Indian name denotes someone who is "respectable and noble," according to Baby Center. Aarya is also another name for the "benevolent" Hindu goddess Parvati. Baby Center lists the numerology for Aarya as the number 1, which is suited to charismatic and successful leaders.

Aarya clearly has a rich history and meaning, but it's also become known because of the TV show of the same name. "Aarya" is a crime thriller released in 2020, with Season 1 available on Hulu. The show gets its name from the main character, played by Sushmita Sen.

If you like the name but want a different spelling from the TV show, Baby Center offers some alternatives. Aaryaa or Arya are good ones of Indian origin. Or, if you don't mind a nontraditional Indian spelling, Aria and Ariya are two more alternatives.


With a lucky number 1, Ekta is another name that denotes a natural-born leader, according to its numerology. In this case, there may be something to it, since one of the most famous people with the name is the highly-successful Indian film producer Ekta Kapoor. Kapoor's work in web series, television, and film has made her well-respected in the industry. Many of her projects have won awards from competitions like the Indian Television Academy Awards, Indian Telly Awards, and BIG Star Entertainment Awards. She's even been deemed "the queen of television" by Bollywood media outlets. Whether or not it was a coincidence, it seems like Kapoor's numerology was right on the money when it comes to her leadership qualities.

According to Baby Center, outside of its numerology, Ekta symbolizes unity. The short name is also easy to spell and pronounce. Plus, it's a quite uncommon name, so you shouldn't have to worry about too many other kids having the exact same name as your daughter.


Just like Saanvi, Baby Center lists Jeevika as one of many names linked to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. But, outside of the deity, Jeevika means "water; a source of life."

Along with those meanings, Jeevika is a number 9 in numerology. Nines are thought to be competitive and active. Baby Center describes 9s as passionate people. The number is common among "athletes, poets and musicians," according to the site. "Their strong and determined character propels them to achieve success. However, it can also make them fiery and explosive."

Jivika is an alternate spelling with the same traditional meaning. However, because of the different spelling, the numerology for this version is an 8. Those with numerology number 8 are known for their determination and "great strength of mind" and "often make successful journalists, bankers or managers," according to Baby Center. So, if you enjoy looking into numerology, it can help you choose between different spellings of the same name.


Oorja is another lovely and unique Indian name for a baby girl. Baby Center has the name listed as No. 10,569 in popularity, so it's not one that you'll hear very often. However, more obscure names like this one are very appealing to some parents, so that their child can stand out from the pack.

The meaning of this unique name is energy. This goes well with its numerology because Oorja has a lucky number of 5, which goes to independent, free-spirited individuals. Parenting Nation notes, "People who have their lucky number as 5 generally are in search [of] freedom." Those with the name Oorja are said to dislike being "bounded by others."

For an alternate spelling, Urja has the same origin and same meaning. Though the letters are different, the ascribed numbers still bring Parenting Nation's numerology calculation to 5. Since there's really no significant difference in meaning, the particular spelling you choose should be based on whichever version you prefer.


According to SheKnows, the name Meena has origins in both Muslim and Hindu beliefs. The Muslim meaning refers to a starling, heaven, or glass, while in Sanskrit, Meena means fish, and within Hinduism, Meena was a wife of Shiva. Nameberry, however, lists yet another meaning for Meena: "blue semiprecious stone." Within numerology, Meena is a 2, a number attributed with sensitivity, according to Parenting Nation.

Meena has an appeal for both its historical and present prevalence. More recently, actress Meena Sagar has brought the name into public consciousness. According to Times Now, the well-known Indian actress began her career when she was just a child in the 1981 film "Nenjangal." She had several roles as a child actress before making her debut as a leading lady. She's had a long and successful career in Bollywood, and, in May 2021, she took to her Instagram to thank her fans for 40 years in the industry.

Because of Sagar's success, the first name Meena is well known in India. However, The Bump still ranks its popularity at No. 6513, so it's not over used.


Vaanya is another appealing Indian name with a lot of meaning and symbolism behind it. According to Baby Center, it means "from the forest," so it's the perfect name for any family that values nature or who is looking for nature-themed baby names.

According to numerology, Vaanya's lucky number is 1. Parenting Nation's numerology chart notes that "Vaanya can be a good leader and manage groups. Vaanya also happens to be wise, decisive, optimistic, and generous." All exceptional traits for your daughter!

For an alternative spelling with the same meaning and origin, Vanyaa is a good option. It's practically the same name, but with the two "a's" switched to the end instead of the middle of the name. Or, if you like the name and are open to a different meaning and origin, there's a Russian version spelled Vanya, which means "gracious gift of God" (via Baby Center).


Diya is another Indian name that originates from multiple sources. Along with its Indian roots, Nameberry also lists Diya as a variation on Dia, which is an African name meaning love. However, in Hindi, the name represents light, or it can mean knowledge in a more metaphorical way. Any one of the meanings is an excellent option. Diya also has great traits in numerology. As a lucky number 3, Parenting Nation says, "Diya possesses magical abilities and great creative skills. Diya is very easygoing, sociable, and a lover of art." Who wouldn't want that for their baby girl?

Diya is already short and simple, but if you like to have nicknames, Scary Mommy suggests Di or Dee as two cute options for it. Celebrities with the name include Diya Prabhakar, an Indian and Singaporean model, and Dia Mirza, another actress, though her name is spelled differently. The options really are endless.


The name Isha has both Indian and Israeli roots. According to The Bump, the Hebrew origin of the name simply means woman. But, looking at its Indian roots, the name means "one who protects." If you want to consider both meanings, you could always say the name represents a "woman who protects." Celebrities with the name include Isha Koppikar, an Indian actress who won the talent portion of Miss India 1995.

For those of you interested in numerology, Isha has a lucky number 1. According to Parenting Nation, this means that someone named Isha will be quite independent and possibly reject help from others. However, those named Isha can also be optimistic, wise, decisive, and excellent leaders. Above all, a name is a personal preference, so, if you just like the name and aren't interested in its numerology, there really is no reason you can't love the name Isha — or any of the other names, for that matter — for the way it sounds alone.