What You Need To Know Before Watching TLC's New Show Dr. Mercy

If you are a fan of TLC's show "Dr. Pimple Popper," which took the YouTube star Dr. Sandra Lee and brought her pimple popping techniques to your television screens (per TV Over Mind), you're in for a treat with the network's newest show.

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo is the star of TLC's newest medical reality series. According to E! Online, "Dr. Mercy" is an inside look at a dermatologist who deals with some interesting cases and patients. One of the things that make her dermatology practice so exciting, says Odueyungbo, is the fact that "you never know what you are going to get."

TLC issued a statement gushing over their newest doctor to hit their network. "TLC is home to some of the best medical professionals in the world and we are always looking to add fresh, new faces to our outstanding roster of doctors," said Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals. "Dr. Mercy's personable and compassionate approach stood out and we can't wait for everyone to meet her" (via Black Film).

The show debuts soon

Dr. Odueyungbo is no stranger to the medical world. Besides being a board-certified dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, she grew up with parents who worked in the medical field (via Broadway World). Originally from Nigeria, the doctor grew up with nurse parents. Her father even taught her how to do her first suture. Her family would eventually move to Chicago, Illinois when she was ten years old. From there, she would attend the University of Iowa School of Medicine and Indiana University School of Medicine before she began her private practice work in Chicago. Dr. Odeueyunbo is the medical director at Lilly Dermatology, where they perform everything from routine checkups to surgery (via MeAww).

If you are excited about TLC's new show, you won't have to wait long to watch it. According to TV Shows Ace, "Dr. Mercy" premieres on the network and Discovery+ on September 22nd at 9 p.m. EST.

She sees a lot of unusual cases

Before you settle in to watch the show, you might benefit from knowing what to expect. According to E! Online, the doctor will be treating people with giant cysts, much like you see on "Dr. Pimple Popper," to unwanted facial hair. In the series' most interesting case, Dr. Odueyungbo is visited by a woman who has grown a beard.

In a voiceover during a sneak peek of the episode, Dr. Odueyungbo says, "The skin is a manifestation of what's going on internally," the doctor notes. "So, a lot of what we do in dermatology, it's not just the skin that you're treating, you're treating a person as a whole" (per MeAww). She emphasizes that much of what these patients are going through, like the woman experiencing facial hair, has a mental impact on them. Remedying the mental side is just as important as the physical side.

If you love watching the cysts and moles on "Dr. Pimple Popper," you're going to love "Dr. Mercy."