Can You Really Get A Free Candle At Bath And Body Works By Bringing In An Old One?

Even if you're not a dedicated coupon clipper (or whatever the 2021 version of that action is), it's likely that you still pay attention to interesting ways that you could save money at your favorite stores. One of the most dedicated groups of retail fans is likely those who shop the crowded displays at Bath and Body Works stores across the country. Over the years, several publications, blogs, and employees have spilled money-saving secrets about shopping at Bath and Body Works. Aside from making sure that you hit up the store's two semi-annual sales throughout each year, Good Housekeeping recommends taking advantage of the store's generous return policy, which allows customers to return any product at any time for any reason — as long as you have a receipt. Even if you don't have a receipt, it's likely that you will at least be able to receive store credit.

Aside from taking advantage of the store's lenient return policy, customers can also save money at Bath and Body Works by doing the rather obvious penny-pinching things, like subscribing to the store's newsletter, taking receipt surveys, and using current (and even expired) coupons, according to The Penny Hoarder.

Is it true that you can receive free candles at Bath and Body Works?

Last week, thousands of people shared a Facebook post by user Kristen Peden, who shared a juicy secret: Customers at Bath and Body Works can return their empty candle jars in exchange for a free, three-wick candle. "Public service announcement!! Ladies how many of you shop for candles at [Bath and Body Works]?? At Christmas mainly and birthdays I splurge and go and get about $200-$300 worth of candles for my family, friends, and myself. They are expensive candles. BUT they last forever and smell AMAZING!! Little did I know....YOU CAN TAKE THE EMPTY CANDLE JAR BACK TO BATH AND BODY AND GET A BRAND. NEW. FREE...YES FREE CANDLE ... I called the store today and [asked]. Its legit ... also now I'm mad at myself because I can't tell you how many old jars I've [thrown] away," Peden posted on Facebook.

While it might be that Peden simply took advantage of the store's flexible return policy, WKDQ, after speaking with a current Bath and Body Works employee, discovered that this claim actually isn't true at all. According to the current employee, Bath and Body Works will not even accept your old, burnt-out candles and allow you to exchange them for a free candle. While it is an eco-friendly option, it isn't the most lucrative one for Bath and Body Works.