Save My Skin Season 3 - Details We Know So Far

From the network that capitalized on the population's need to watch pimples being popped comes another series that ups the ante. "Save My Skin" premiered on TLC in 2020, amidst the pandemic, when surgical masks were doing absolutely no favors to our skin. The reality TV series replaced the classic "Dr. Pimple Popper," which had already run through 53 episodes and countless cysts, revealing a niche that many were obsessed with (via Psychology Today).

The debatably satisfying squeezes and oozes come back in "Save My Skin," where Dr. Emma Craythorne, a dermatologist in the United Kingdom, tackles extreme skin issues (via IMDb). Many of these issues are chronic and/or painful, like eczema and scalp bumps from Season 1, or keloids and rosacea in Season 2 (via IMDb). The format of the show follows Dr. Craythorne's examination and diagnosis before revealing the best part: the treatment. The show's already aired two successful seasons — read on to know about a third!

When will Save My Skin Season 3 be released?

Season 2 of "Save My Skin" came very quickly after the first season, indicating the popularity and perpetual interest in seeing various liquids erupting from people's bodies. According to TV Shows Ace, the show is yet to be renewed for a third season by TLC. However, Season 2 was released about a year after the first finished. Considering that the second season only ended in June 2021, it might be a while before we see a third season coming to our screens. If we were to look at the release pattern, we might expect the third season to show up some time in the spring or summer of 2022.

Season 3 may also have more episodes than the last two seasons. Season 1 began with eight episodes, while Dr. Emma Craythorne noted in an Instagram post, "[Season 2] is 12 episodes long and each episode has 4 of the most wonderful patient stories." Some of these stories are hinted at in punny episode names: "Never Been Cyst" and "Skin Tag, You're It" are some of our favorites in Season 2 (via TLC). We can't wait to see what they come up with for the next season.

Who's the cast in Season 3 of Save My Skin?

Dr. Emma Craythorne will undoubtedly star in the next season of "Save My Skin," but she does come with a capable team of plastic surgeons, nurses, and phototherapy specialists (via IMDb). Nurses Mottie and Rosie make consistent appearances beside Dr. Craythorne. Considering the doctor films the episodes from inside her private practice clinic, it's unlikely that Season 3 will cast any new medical practitioners (via Distractify).

Of course, a completely new set of patients will reclaim their confidence and skin in the third season. Dr. Craythorne wrote about her patients in Season 2, "I am so grateful to the patients who were happy to share their stories as this not only educates the medical community on skin disease but also allows for greater discussion in general and really highlights the important link of the skin and the mind. These stories will touch your soul,"(via Instagram). We expect a similar tone of compassion from the dermatologist, who is clearly passionate about what she does.

Dr. Emma is also in another reality show

Dr. Emma Craythorne's made it her mission to save everyone's skin — and she does it in two reality TV shows. "Bad Skin Clinic" airs on Discovery+ and is in the same vein of "Save My Skin" (via Variety). The show's success has led to a Season 3 (via Instagram) and possibly "Save My Skin" being greenlit.

The dermatologist told Gulf News, "Some [patients] have got a big, massive lump on the back of their back or their arm. And we do the incising with a scalpel, dissecting around of it, and squeezing it out ... for those people who like to watch things being taken out of bodies, then it's definitely the show for them." She continued, "For other people who like to follow the journey and follow the story of actual patients, which is probably the most important thing in dermatology, it's really, really well done." If you're still waiting on Season 3 of "Save My Skin," a few episodes of "Bad Skin Clinic" might just hold you over.