Million Dollar Beach House Season 2: Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

If you are a fan of shows like "Selling Sunset," you likely got sucked into Netflix's take on high-end real estate reality tv drama, "Million Dollar Beach House." According to The Daily Beast, the show first debuted in August of 2020 to mixed reviews. Some people loved the showy aspect of the series that takes place in the Hamptons, while others found the agents on the show to be a bit insufferable.

Met with such mixed reviews, it is unclear if the show will be returning for a second season (via Oprah Daily). However, Peggy Zabakolas, an agent on the show, reported that the COVID-19 virus has only made the real estate market in the Hamptons boom. So, clearly, there is content to be shown if Netflix was interested in a second season.

With so many unknowns surrounding this show, and a lot of controversies to go with them, things don't look great for "Million Dollar Beach House."

Season two is up in the air

There is no release date yet, and actually, Netflix hasn't officially renewed the show just yet, according to Screen Rant. It seems as though Netflix has considered renewing the show, but the COVID-19 pandemic has gotten in the way of filming. Zabakolas has shared that they did not film any content for the show in 2020 due to the pandemic, but that the real estate market was more than ready for the show to pick up again (via Oprah Daily).

The agent shared, "This summer has been great. Homes are going at significantly more than they typically would. There are bidding wars left and right. There are homes that had been sitting on the market for years that are now selling above ask. In a funny way, this was a blessing in disguise because I actually had my fundamentals in the Hamptons from last summer."

So, it seems like there is a storyline available for a second season. The ball is now in Netflix's court to pick the show up for a second season.

The cast would remain the same

If the show was to be renewed, the same cast of characters will likely return. According to Cosmopolitan, the cast includes real estate brokers James Giugliano, JB Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, Peggy Zabakolas, and Noel Roberts. They're a team of agents that work for a company called Nest Seekers. If that name sounds familiar to you, it is because Nest Seekers agent Ryan Serhant was featured on the show "Million Dollar Listing New York, where Zabakolas has made an appearance as well (per Oprah Daily).

There was a lot of drama in season one between the cast members. Andreassi was considering leaving Nest Seekers, but it seems he is still with the company today. However, he seems to be ready for a second season of the show and wants to make it a bit more personal this time around. He told Us Weekly, "I think for season 2, if you want to get to know me a little bit more, I'll have to bring in my brother and sister, my mom and dad, and possibly even my girlfriend."

The show's first season had controversial moments

The uncertainty of a second season may have something to do with the scandals and assumptions made by viewers during the first season of the show. According to Glamour, fans have called out the show for having "racist vibes." Someone tweeted, "Am I the only one getting racist vibes from Million Dollar Beach House on @Netflix? Just a couple episodes in [and] all the annoying white people are ganging up on the only black male." That tweet is about Roberts, the only non-white cast member of the show. Fans found the behavior of the other agents towards him to be problematic and off putting.

Screen Rant also reports that Netflix gave Roberts a bit of a villain edit while showing microaggressions against the agent. This editing and portrayal of problematic behavior by other cast members have landed the show in hot water. If there is a season two to be had, Netflix will have to remedy this situation.