Chin-Ups Vs. Pull-Ups: What's The Better Workout?

Picture this. You're at the gym and see two identical twins working out. One is doing chin-ups, while the other is doing pull-ups. And suddenly, a thought appears. Which of the two is doing the better workout?

Let us discuss the different 'ups' by breaking them down. The biggest difference between these two excellent exercises is hand placement. When doing a chin-up, your palm is gripping the bar while facing your face (via Men's Health). To do a chin-up, hold the bar with your palms facing you and lift your chin just over the bar. Pause for a moment, and with a controlled movement lower yourself down until you are in starting position with straight arms. Though this move is rather straightforward, it requires full body strength with an extra emphasis on your arms and chest. It is considered easier than a pull-up as your arms are in a more natural lifting position. And those who lack upper back flexibility and strength may find a chin-up easier to do over a pull-up (via Insider).

Both can give your a sweaty brow

What about the chin-up's fraternal twin, the pull-up? As previously stated, the biggest difference between the two is hand placement (via Men's Health). To do a pull-up, grab the bar with both hands at a shoulder-length width with your palms facing away from your face. You would then do the same as a chin-up and lift your whole body until your chin is over the bar, wait a beat, and then slowly return to starting position. The motion of a pull-up puts more emphasis on the shoulders and back than a chin-up (via Healthline).

"Overhead athletes, such as pitchers and volleyball players, may benefit more from the pull-up due to overuse of the biceps and pectorals during sport," says Andy Sobuta, a physical therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. "By training the posterior chain over the anterior chain, this may assist them long-term with preventing injury and improving overall shoulder health" (via Insider).

So which exercise is better? We suggest answering this question by trying both to find out how your body and muscles feel during and after. Both of them are guaranteed to make you sweat if you do enough. So, pat yourself on your strong shoulders if you can complete both. And give those twins you're watching a nod of approval.