Trendy Halloween Nails To Try This Season

Many people dress up for Halloween and put out seasonal decor, but the fun doesn't have to stop there. To really get in on the spookiness of this holiday, try out some of these nail art options.

Those with a daring and dark side can take inspiration from Courtney Cantwell, a nail artist in California. She used Valentino Pure Beauty's Gel Colour in 123 Siren for some pointy talons that look like they are dripping blood. Those who are into the movies associated with this time of the year can use "a thin long-haired brush and a lot of patience," like nail artist Kristin Cornett, who is based in Houston, did. Just how adorable are these "The Nightmare Before Christmas" nails (via Allure)?

For a simpler design, you could go with all orange nails, all black nails, or an alternating pattern. A steady hand could also do orange, white, and yellow stripes that look like candy corn.

Movies and favorite colors are sources of nail inspiration this Halloween

Some people prefer bright, cheerful, pretty colors during Halloween, and when it comes to nail art like this, these examples from Cosmopolitan have you covered. One idea is to paint each nail a different color of the rainbow, then decorate each one with a different decal, such as pumpkins, a witch's hat, and candy. You could also stick to one color and one decal, such as pastel pink polish with ghosts on them.

This Halloween, some may try putting a twist on the traditional French mani — opt for black tips and add in some moon designs. Another moody idea is to paint your nails red, put a burgundy shade over that, and leave just a bit of the red sticking out near the cuticles (via Glamour).

So mix it up, try something new, and get inspired by the creative artists and awesome movies out there. Whatever you choose, we are sure it will look spooky-cool!