Why Meghan Markle's Latest Fashion Choice Has Royal Watchers Scratching Their Heads

Meghan Markle knows how to turn heads. If she isn't shocking the public by spilling the tea on what really went down during her entrance into the Royal Family during a sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex is making a statement through her clothing and through her charity work for women and girls worldwide (via CBS News).

The icon, who recently appeared on the cover of Time magazine with her husband, Prince Harry, as part of the list of 100 most influential people of 2021, was a mainstay at New York's Fashion Week, and wrote about the latest styles and trends in her blog, The Tig, prior to marrying Prince Harry (via Hello!). So it's no surprise that many take interest in what the mom to Archie and Lilibet is wearing to best determine what is on-trend. Unfortunately, not all of her outfits receive rave reviews.

Here is why Meghan Markle's latest fashion choice has royal watchers scratching their heads.

Meghan wore wool on a hot and humid day

Everyone is feeling the effects of global climate change, especially the rise in temperature, per CNN. For New Yorkers, this means typical fall weather is warmer and there's high humidity. So just why would anyone, especially Meghan Markle, who has access to any designer of choice, opt to wear thick, knit clothing in this sweat-inducing weather? That's the question royal watchers have been asking since Meghan stepped out in 80-degree weather wearing a knit turtleneck, wide-legged pants, pumps, and a wool black coat, according to the Daily Mail.

Comments on Meghan's outfit started the second she and Prince Harry arrived at One World Trade Center for a meeting with New York City officials. "Does she never learn how to wear clothes that suit occasion and weather?" the outlet reported a social media user saying. "It's a hot and humid day in New York and she is wearing a high collar and coat." The Daily Mail quoted another person saying, "someone should've warned her about the September weather in nyc, she's dressed aggressively for fall and it is basically 80 degrees."

Non-royal watchers may not know that tailored wide-legged pants paired with outerwear is Meghan's go-to look, as it works for the "Suits" actress who always looks flawless (via Harper's Bazaar). We are all about people wearing what makes them feel good about themselves, but we all need to know how the blogger and fashion icon stays glisten-free while wearing clothing ideal for cool, fall weather. Please share your secrets, Meghan!