Best Amazon Products For Helping You Sleep Better 2022

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Between work, school, family, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a ton of other stresses of modern life, there's a lot to keep us up at night. In fact, a 2020 study published in The Lancet Neurology Journal found that irregular sleep patterns and sleep disorders— such as nightmares, insomnia, fatigue, exhaustion, and REM sleep behavior disorder— have become a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to the pandemic. There are a lot of natural ways to remedy irregular sleep patterns, like changing your diet, making sure you get enough exercise, and putting a limit on your screen time before going to sleep. While these are all worthwhile habits to explore, sometimes you just need more immediate relief.


We've done the legwork, and curated a list of some of the best sleep products on Amazon to help you get a good night's sleep, ASAP. 

A sound machine to soothe you to sleep

White noise machines can be used to create a more soothing and relaxing environment for sleep, away from the hectic sounds of everyday life. The HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine has six natural sound settings to transport you to the soothing escape of your choice: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook. The auto-timer setting allows you to play the sounds continuously throughout the night, or set it to fade out after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. No matter your preferences, this sound machine is sure to transport you to a place of rest and relaxation.


Purchase HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine on Amazon starting at $19.99.

A weighted blanket for ultimate comfort

A weighted, sensory blanket can be the perfect bedroom addition to kiss restless nights goodbye. The YnM Weighted Blanket comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any bedroom decor, and, the best part, it helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. The seven layers of the blanket help it to contour to the body, so it moves with you rather than uncomfortably resting on top. The fabric is also equipped with cooling technology, so you never have to worry about overheating.


Purchase YnM Weighted Blanket on Amazon starting at $44.90.

An alarm clock that eases you awake

Probably the worst part of struggling to sleep is the knowing that you're most likely going to be jolted awake by an alarm as soon as you actually hit dreamland. Make waking up easier with the Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light, an alarm clock that simulates a gradual sunrise. You can even use the sunset setting to help you wind down at night. Other smart features of the lamp include an FM radio, tap to snooze, and a choice of five natural alarm sounds that are anything but jarring.


Purchase Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light on Amazon for $99.99.

Cooling pillows that relieve neck pain

Pillows are a game changer when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, so why not get the best? Fern and Willow pillows are designed with you in mind, and provide optimal comfort for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The breathable material provides a cooling effect, so you can say goodbye to flipping your pillow to find the "cool side", and the filling is adjustable to accommodate every fluff preference.


Purchase Fern and Willow Pillows for Sleeping on Amazon starting at $32.99.

An eye mask that's actually comfortable

One of the hardest parts about getting a good night's sleep is making sure that your room is as comfortable as it could possibly be. While that can mean different things for different people, there's no denying that eliminating excess light while trying to catch some zzz's is universally appreciated. Unlike other eye masks, the MZOO Sleep Eye Mask has cushions that contour to your face to prevent any slipping or discomfort, and is sure to keep out any light so you can sleep soundly.


Purchase MZOO Sleep Eye Mask on Amazon for $21.99

Blackout curtains that get rid of excess light

Take your sleeping environment to the next level with these best-selling blackout curtains on Amazon. NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains are made with a special black liner that traps UV rays and other external sources of light so that you can have the best rest possible. The triple weave fabric also serves to reduce any outside noise, and insulates the room so that your sleep is unaffected by the hottest summer days or the coldest winter nights.


Purchase NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains on Amazon starting at $43.95.

Lavender pillow mist to promote relaxation

A good night's sleep is all about winding down from the day. Turn your bedroom into a luxury spa with the relaxing scent of lavender. Muse Bath Apothecary Pillow Ritual Calming Pillow Mist brings the therapeutic aroma of lavender right to your home in a convenient bottle. Spray it directly on your pillow, sheets, pajamas and towels and let the calming scent help decompress.


Purchase Muse Bath Apothecary Pillow Ritual Calming Pillow Mist on Amazon starting at $6.78.

Comfortable ear plugs for light sleepers

Do you have a restless partner who can't stop getting up in the middle of the night? Maybe a neighbor who mows their lawn just a little too early in the morning? There's no need to worry about disruptive sounds with ANBOW Reusable Silicone Earplugs. These earplugs are designed with comfort in mind, which is paramount when falling asleep and staying asleep. With their ergonomic shape these earplugs should not only comfortably fit, but they should stay in, as well. BPA free and washable, they are reusable and reliable.


Purchase ANBOW Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs on Amazon for $9.79.

A body pillow to cuddle with

Transform your bed into a nest of relaxation with a body pillow to cuddle with. Perfect for pregnant women and anyone looking to unlock the secret of a great sleep, the Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow pulls out all the stops when it comes to comfort. Its memory foam material keeps your body supported and prevents aches and pains by keeping your knees and back in alignment. Its cooling technology ensures that you stay at a comfortable temperature through the night.


Purchase Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow on Amazon for $59.99.

An essential oil diffuser to fill your room with calming scents

You don't need a high-end spa retreat to bring the restful benefits of aromatherapy to your bedroom. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect way to set the mood for relaxation. The palm sized diffuser has eight different colors to choose from, from soothing blue to a sunrise orange, so you even get to control the ambiance. The timer settings and automatic water-off feature allow you to drift off peacefully without worrying about turning off your diffuser.


Purchase InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon starting at $14.99.

Blue light glasses that let you look at your phone without keeping you awake

Let's face it, we're all guilty of a little too much screen time before bed. Whether we're scrolling on TikTok or catching up on the latest Twitter drama, the blue light from our screens can throw off our circadian rhythm and our sleep schedule. Luckily, TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses are here to help. The lenses help alleviate the fatigue we feel when we stare at screens too long— and they have the added benefit of being super stylish.


Purchase TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses on Amazon for $13.99.

Motion sensor night lights to keep your room dark

It's a common enough scenario— it's the middle of the night and you need a bathroom break. To get from point A to point B you have to turn on an overhead light, and before you know it the bright light has tricked you into being awake for a few more hours. You don't need to worry about that with AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Lights. These night lights detect motion in the darkness and automatically emit a soft glow, so that you can get up without tripping and get right back to sleeping.


Purchase AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light on Amazon for $16.99.

A Himalayan salt lamp for a relaxing glow

Himalayan salt is known for its healing properties, and now you can have it in the comfort of your bedroom. The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp brings a natural ambiance to your bedroom with its gentle orange glow. Not only is it perfect to help you unwind from the day, but it allows you to squeeze in a bit of reading before bed without the need for a harsh overhead light. In addition to its therapeutic properties, it has the added bonus of being a chic accessory to any room you place it in.


Purchase the Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon starting at $24.99.

A knee support pillow to prevent aches and pains

Comfort and support is essential to not only falling asleep, but staying asleep through the night. The Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow keeps your knees and back aligned no matter what position you sleep in. Its memory foam material molds to the shape of your leg to ensure maximum comfort, and its ventilating technology prevents you from feeling like you're overheating in the night.


Purchase Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow on Amazon for $19.99.

A quiet fan to keep you cool while you sleep

If you're the kind of person who needs to have their air conditioning cranked down into the 60s while they sleep just so they can pile blankets on top of them, this next product is for you. The Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan provides powerful cooling while being almost completely silent, so as not to disturb your sleep. As if that wasn't good enough, the fan is remote operated and comes with a self-timer option, so you don't even need to get out of bed.


Purchase Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan on Amazon starting at $55.30.

Body lotion to promote restful sleep

Sometimes a good night's sleep is as simple as winding down at the end of the day. Earthley Wellness Good Night Lotion is the perfect addition to your before bed routine to set you on track for a restful night. Good Night Lotion is packed with magnesium chloride, a known aid to irregular sleep cycles, and it's light apricot and mango scent will have you dreaming of tropical destinations.


Purchase Earthley Wellness Good Night Lotion on Amazon for $21.99

Melatonin gummies for if nothing else works

Sometimes no amount of cooling pillows or essential oils seem to be able to do the trick, and before you know it you've tossed and turned the night away. When you need to attack the problem at the source, Carlyle Fast Dissolving Melatonin can help. Not only does it kickstart your body's ability to produce its own, natural melatonin, it comes in a delicious berry flavor and only requires one 12 mg capsule for a sound night's sleep.


Purchase Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve on Amazon for $9.29.