The Family Chantel Season 3: Release Date, Cast And New Details

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno made a splash on season 4 of TLC's hit show, "90 Day Fiancé." Jimeno got off to a rocky start with the Everett family due to Chantel lying about the reason he was in the United States. According to InTouch Weekly, Everett met Jimeno when she was trying to learn Spanish. That turned into the pair falling in love, and Jimeno eventually coming to the United States on a K-1 visa which gives a couple only 90 days to marry.

So, imagine her family's surprise when as these 90 days came to a close, she legally had to marry the man she said was here on a student visa. From that point on, both families struggled to get along. Due to all of this drama, TLC was happy to give the family their own spinoff show, "The Family Chantel."

The show is returning to the network soon for its third season.

The show premiers in October

"The Family Chantel" will premiere on TLC and Discovery+ on October 11th (via Screen Rant). The series has always been centered around the Everett parents, Karen and Thomas, attempting to poke holes in Chantel and Pedro's relationship. The parents claim their criticism comes from their need to protect their daughter, but it often comes off as overreaching. However, during season 2, the family finally began accepting their son-in-law and shifted their unhappiness to one of Chantel's brother's partners.

The drama has never been solely between Pedro and the Everetts. The Jimenos and Chantel also have a less than stellar relationship. During a preview for season 3, Chantel can be heard telling Pedro that when his family comes to visit, they can sleep in a corner. When Pedro lovingly states, "With my mom and sister here, we can owner on top, and they can live here downstairs!" Chantel responds, "We can get a crate for them, set it right there in the corner" (via Entertainment Weekly). It looks like we can expect more family drama as season 3 rolls in.

The cast will remain the same

When season 2 of the show came to a close in March, a lot of drama had unfolded between the cast members, who happen to be family members (via Screen Rant). Since the cast of the show are members of the same family, you can expect many of the same players on season 3.

Chantel and Pedro will be returning, of course. Alongside them will be Chantel's immediate family, Karen, Thomas, Winter, River, and Royal Everett. Royal's wife, Angenette Everett, who became the center of the family's attack during season 3, will be returning. Winter's boyfriend, Jah, will be back, and the pair have found a new religion (per Entertainment Weekly). River also has his first serious girlfriend, which will likely be a huge storyline for the upcoming season.

Pedro's family members, including his sister Nicole Jimeno and their mother, will be cast members again. Nicole's relationship with a married man named Alejandro Padron who lives in New York City will likely be a prominent storyline again during the show's third season.

Pedro allegedly cheated on Chantel

According to Yahoo! News, there is some juicy drama coming from "The Family Chantel." Pedro's sister Nicole shared that her best friend, Coraima Morla, was getting close to Pedro. The pair allegedly hooked up. The trailer shows Chantel and her family greeting Nicole, where she says, "Hi, b******! Pedro had sex with Coraima. Bye!" That turned into a physical altercation, as it always seems to between these families, with lots of yelling and glass breaking.

Aside from cheating allegations, more information about Pedro's sex life has come out since we last saw "The Family Chantel." According to Us Weekly, Chantel and Pedro went on the show "90 Day Bares All" where the show's cast members sit down for intimate interviews and play fun games with host Shaun Robinson. It was there that Chantel shared that she took Pedro's virginity.

When asked how old Pedro was when he lost his virginity, Chantel answered 25 while Pedro said it was actually when he was 23. Chantel responds, "You know what is the reason that I said that is I think we got married at 25. It should have been 23. I know he was a virgin when I met him." Pedro seemed a bit embarrassed, sharing that most people were unaware of that intimate fact.