What To Wear If You've Got A Violet Aura

As beings with energy, we have vibrations that surround us and give off different colors, known as auras (via Spirituality Lifestyle Blog). Those with a violet aura are intuitive, emotional, and sensitive, as they are always thinking of others and how to make the world a better place. These people are also very creative, as visionaries and dreamers with their heads in the clouds (via Trusted Psychic Mediums).

While every person has their own style, one that can differ from day to day, there are some particular clothing items and trends that can be found in the closet of a person with a violet aura.

Based on the humanitarian side of these types, their wardrobes will probably include sustainable pieces that were thrifted or that are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Due to the fantasy vibe of these types, there will probably also be whimsical and unique clothes that show off upcoming trends and/or look like they came straight from a fairytale.

Fashion for a violet aura is trendy, experimental, and dreamy

According to Aura Wear NYC, people with violet auras don't just wear trendy items: They are rocking these clothes before anyone else is even aware of said trend. For much of 2021, that includes pastels, nods to the '90s, and androgynous looks, but the style is always changing.

The outlet goes on to say that when it comes to getting dressed, those with a violet aura may ask themselves about the deeper meaning behind their outfit. For instance, dressing a particular way could make one happier, while shopping in an environmentally friendly way can be better for the planet. This makes your outfit choices good for one's self, inspiring to others, and at times, better for the world in general.

The perfect imagery associated with a violet aura is someone daydreaming in class. But Refinery29 put a twist on this: The traditional, schoolgirl uniform can be worn in a new way by piecing together a jumper, a turtleneck, and boots. Or you can dress like your aura inspires you to, and design a trendsetting outfit that stands way out in a crowd.