Whatever Happened To The Cast Of How To Get Away With Murder?

Shonda Rhimes' hit legal thriller "How to Get Away With Murder" ran on ABC from 2014 to 2020, introducing viewers to Philadelphia professor and criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating and the law students she hires as interns at her firm. The plot centers around how Keating, played by Viola Davis, and her students, known as the "Keating Five," become wrapped up in a murder plot. 

After the show ended, Davis became an even bigger household name, and many of the other cast members moved on to other TV, stage, or film roles. For example, Karla Souza is starring in the sitcom "Home Economics," and Alfred Enoch has wowed London theatergoers in the role of Romeo in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Some of the "How to Get Away With Murder" alumni are pursuing other endeavors as well. Jack Falahee, for instance, is the lead singer in a band, and Matt McGorry started a consulting agency dealing with social justice issues.

Here's what the cast has been up to since "How to Get Away With Murder" ended.

Viola Davis is the most-nominated Black actress in Academy Awards history

Viola Davis was already a Tony Award-winning actress who received acclaim for her roles in movies like "The Help" prior to playing Annalise Keating on "How to Get Away With Murder," and that didn't change after the show ended. She's since appeared in films including "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" and "The Suicide Squad," and after her Oscars nomination for "Ma Rainey," she became the first Black woman to be nominated for the category of Best Actress more than once, according to Glamour. Davis is also the most-nominated Black actress ever with four Oscars nods. "The only reason I'm breaking records is that no one has been recognized," she told Variety on their "Awards Circuit" podcast. "That 'honor' is a sort of limited honor."

Davis, who says she's "obsessed" with skincare, serves as a spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris and spoke to Harper's Bazaar about perceptions of beauty. "I'm going to reiterate what L'Oréal says: I am age perfect. I am very proud to be 55," she said. As for family life, Davis and her husband, Julius Tennon, have a daughter named Genesis, whom they adopted in 2011 (via People). In July 2021, she posted a happy photo on Instagram to celebrate Genesis' "Harry Potter" themed birthday party.

What's up next? Among other projects, Davis will be starring with Sandra Bullock in a movie called "The Unforgivable" (via Forbes), and per Insider, she will play Michelle Obama in Showtime's "First Ladies" (as well as serving as executive producer).

How To Get Away With Murder actor Billy Brown is a 'Working Man'

Fans of "How to Get Away With Murder" will remember Billy Brown as Viola Davis' charismatic love interest Nate Lahey, and the Philadelphia detective's affair with Annalise Keating definitely steamed up screens. Prior to appearing on the drama, he starred in other TV hits like "Sons of Anarchy." Since "How to Get Away With Murder" left television in May 2020, Brown has been relatively quiet on the acting front. However, he did appear in the drama "Working Man" the year before the show wrapped. 

He spoke to Los Angeles' KTLA-TV about the film role in November 2020 and discussed the friendship his character, Walter Brewer, experiences in "Working Man." Speaking of the relationship Walter has with Allery, a factory worker who continues to show up after his plant has been shut down, Brown said, "Against the odds of the corporate heads looking to put all of these good hardworking Americans permanently out of work, these two find a way to restore the dignity and the love and the trust in one another and the town itself." 

Outside of his on-screen acting roles, Brown also does voiceover work and is featured as the narrator in the United States Marines recruiting commercials (via TVOverMind). Fans eager to hear what Brown has been up to in his private life since "How to Get Away With Murder" might be disappointed. His current relationship status is unknown, and the actor doesn't maintain any social media accounts.

Alfred Enoch has starred as Romeo at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

"Harry Potter" aficionados will recognize Alfred Enoch as the wizarding world's Dean Thomas, but he was also beloved by fans as law student Wes Gibbins on "How to Get Away With Murder." Since the show ended, Enoch's acting career has been going strong. He's snagged roles in "Executive Order," "The Picture of Dorian Gray," and "Foundation" (via IMDb). Speaking to Remezcla about his role as a lawyer in "Executive Order," he said, "I value my political engagement and to be able to make a movie that reflects that in my work is exciting." 

An impassioned supporter of the arts, Enoch now serves as a patron for the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation, calling their work "infectious and irresistible" on the charity's website. Enoch proved his love for The Bard by playing Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" at London's Globe Theatre in 2021. The production was praised for its focus on mental health and social issues during a challenging time (via The Guardian). In a YouTube video shared by Shakespeare's Globe, Enoch touched on his own experiences during the pandemic. "I guess I've had a more fraught relationship with my mental health over the last three months, or however long, than I really ever had before," he said. 

In terms of his private life, Enoch hasn't revealed his current relationship status, although he was rumored to be dating costar Aja Naomi King at one point.

Jack Falahee sings in an alternative band

He's best known as sexy law student Connor Walsh in "How to Get Away With Murder," but Jack Falahee is now in the spotlight for a different reason: He's the lead singer of a band. After "How To Get Away With Murder" fame, Falahee started a band called Diplomacy with his childhood friend Tim Wu, also known as Elephante. Telling Billboard the musical collaboration was a "knee-jerk idea," he shared that much of the group's writing "deals with looking back at stories that we tell ourselves and our past — our individual stories but also our shared past from Ann Arbor." The longtime pals released their debut album in 2020. 

"We want Diplomacy to be more than just a band," Falahee has said (via Broadway World), adding, "I think starting this project in our late 20s allowed us both time to mature as artists in our respective fields." The status of Diplomacy is unknown as of this writing, after some 2020 shows were postponed due to the pandemic, and the musical duo hasn't shared any updates on their official Instagram since March 2020.

Luckily, fans can keep up with Falahee on his own account, where he posts updates about his travels and life to his 1.4 million Instagram followers, including frequent posts about social and political issues. He also shares the occasional snap of his girlfriend.

How To Get Away With Murder's Aja Naomi King welcomed her first child in 2021

Audiences watched as Aja Naomi King played law student Michaela Pratt on "How to Get Away With Murder," leading her to snag an NAACP Image Award nomination for the role. After the show ended, King signed on to star in Season 2 of "Blackout" with Rami Malek (via Deadline). She was also featured in the historical drama "Sylvie's Love." King told Essence she was drawn to the movie as a Black woman because "the focus for once isn't on the struggles we encounter from the outside world, but rather the struggles within ourselves."

King has taken on another new role since her "How to Get Away With Murder" days: mother. In March 2021, the actress announced she was expecting a baby with her husband, Dan King, in a touching Instagram post, revealing that she'd previously suffered some devastating losses. "I suffered two miscarriages and even now trying to capture what it felt like in words is simply absurd to me because I will never have language enough for it," she said. After the announcement King shared to People magazine her hopes for "unlocking all the secrets of parenthood." 

In June 2021, King's rainbow baby arrived when she welcomed a little boy to her family. Although she's focusing on family at the moment, King always seems to have something going on in Hollywood.

Matt McGorry is a social justice activist

Throughout "How to Get Away With Murder," audiences watched as Matt McGorry played entitled law student Asher Millstone. His acting career has continued after "How to Get Away With Murder," including a role in the Netflix comedy "Good on Paper," but fans might be surprised to hear McGorry focuses much of his time on fighting for social justice.

He co-founded social issues consulting agency We Inspire Justice. According to the company's website, it was created to "educate, organize and train celebrities, influencers and media companies to best leverage their hearts, creativity, and platforms to transform culture toward social good." In a 2020 interview, McGorry told Forbes his "initial foray in getting into activism was looking at feminist politics solely through a gender lens." He's since learned, through advising and empowerment coaching, "to be able to hold people accountable with love."

McGorry keeps his romantic life out of the spotlight, but fans of the actor can keep up with him on Instagram, where he describes himself as an "actor, abolitionist, activist & feminist." Outside of his social justice work, McGorry hasn't given up on acting. Fans of the "How to Get Away With Murder" alum will be excited to know that, in 2020, Deadline announced he'd signed on to star in the Netflix series "Archive 81," inspired by a horror podcast.

How To Get Away With Murder star Katie Findlay is a TV regular

Although Katie Findlay's character had an abrupt departure from the show after Season 1, she left a memorable impression on "How to Get Away With Murder" audiences as Wes Gibbins' troubled girlfriend, Rebecca Sutter. Since leaving "How to Get Away With Murder" in 2015, Findlay's TV career has been blooming. She's been featured in roles on many series and TV movies, including "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist," "Nancy Drew," "The Twilight Zone," "The Magicians," "Man Seeking Woman," and "Lost Generation." It's a huge departure from her role as Rebecca on "How to Get Away With Murder," but Hallmark movie fans will rejoice at some exciting news about Findlay: She was announced as the star of the romantic film "Love Strikes Twice." This isn't the first go at the Hallmark Channel for Findlay, however. Previously, she starred in Hallmark's "The Bridge."

The frustrating gender stereotypes actresses experience is something Findlay has touched on, and she told Collider in a 2017 interview, "I'm a young woman working in Hollywood. I get to be dead, naked, or troubled."

Apart from her acting roles, audiences can see what Findlay is up to on her official Instagram account, where she shares insights into her life and work.

Charlie Weber is starring in movies with big Hollywood names

"How to Get Away With Murder" fans will remember Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, a law associate-slash-hitman whom Weber himself called "a very confused man." During the show's run, Weber found love on the show, dating costar Liza Weil for more than two years. The couple parted ways in 2019, with Weber telling People their "relationship has found its way back to the great friendship we've always had." Since then, he's kept his private life under wraps.

On the career front, Weber has been plenty busy since his "How to Get Away With Murder" days. The actor starred in "After We Collided," a romantic drama based on the novel of the same name, and has done voice work in two animated Batman tales (via IMDb). Weber also has used his acting skills for a good cause, joining an online reading of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in July 2020 to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Mount Sinai Chicago.

An exciting new role for Weber was revealed in December 2020, when it was announced he would join the cast of the movie "Panama" (via Deadline). Weber will play a former marine in the thriller, also starring Mel Gibson and Cole Hauser. Fans of the actor will have yet another film to look forward to when Weber stars in "Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik's feature directing debut, "As Sick As They Made Us," alongside Dustin Hoffman (via Deadline).

Liza Weil has moved from TV to the silver screen

Liza Weil was already a TV star before her "How to Get Away With Murder" days, playing Paris Geller on "Gilmore Girls" for seven years, along with roles in "Scandal" and many other productions. Joining the cast as Annalise Keating's assistant Bonnie Winterbottom, Weil was a fan favorite on "How to Get Away With Murder" during its six-year run.

Since "How to Get Away With Murder" left our TV screens in May 2020, Weil transitioned from enjoying a recurring role in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" to landing parts in the films "The Black Emperor of Broadway," "Women Is Losers," and "Mosquito" (via IMDb). The actress has kept a very low profile in her personal life since splitting with her "How to Get Away With Murder" costar Charlie Weber in 2019. She hasn't posted on her Instagram account since April 2020, so fans might have to wait a while to see what she's up to these days.

As for a future spinoff of "How to Get Away With Murder," Weil told MEAWW in 2019 that she wouldn't be opposed: "I would love to be a part of such a project if it ever happens. It's quite hard to let this just go and if there is a possibility of all of us reuniting, that would be great!"

How To Get Away With Murder's Karla Souza is working on her 'Home Economics'

Fans of "How to Get Away With Murder" might not know Karla Souza, who played law student Laurel Castillo, was a household name in Mexico before moving to Los Angeles to pursue English-speaking parts, as noted by NBC News. Although her character mysteriously disappeared in Season 5, the actress has had no shortage of success since then.

Since "How to Get Away With Murder" ended, Souza has starred in the Amazon Prime series "El Presidente" and movies "Jacob's Ladder" and "The Sleepover" (via IMDb). In 2021, she joined the cast of the sitcom "Home Economics" along with Topher Grace. She told La Prensa Latina that her character "doesn't go around worrying about much," noting, "Yes, she has three children, but she's trying to avoid them at all costs." Along with this TV role, she also signed on to star in "Day Shift" with Jamie Foxx, about a pool cleaner who hunts vampires, according to Variety.

Off screen, Souza gave birth to a son named Luka after "How to Get Away With Murder" wrapped. She's also a mom to daughter Gianna, and in an April 2021 Scary Mommy article, she shared that she appreciated how "Home Economics" let her lean into being a mother. Souza was nervous about being pregnant while auditioning, but she said, "They were straight away like, 'We'll make you pregnant on the show.' They were game to embrace it and write for it."