How Peloton's Cody Rigsby Stays Motivated To Workout

Cody Rigsby is making news on "Dancing With the Stars" as of this writing, as he couldn't perform live on September 27, 2021 due to his dance partner, Cheryl Burke, testing positive for COVID-19. Instead, the judges based Rigsby's dance score off his dress rehearsal before Burke received her positive test, proving the show must go on, according to TV Line. For Rigsby, the workout must also go on. After all, his day job is as one of Peloton's most popular virtual instructors, leading his "Boo Crew" to take his always-entertaining rides, no matter how hard they are. It's Rigsby who motivates Peloton riders, but sometimes Rigsby needs to stay motivated himself and that's not always easy.

A former dancer himself, Rigsby has been with Peloton for seven years, long before the pandemic turned it into one of the hottest at-home fitness companies around, gaining three million subscribers during 2020 alone. Rigsby chooses the right music, chooses the right workout, and gets people moving either through cardio on the bike or via strength classes on the floor, according to People. He even has foolproof ways to keep himself motivated for a workout, even if he's not feeling it that day.

Cody Rigsby makes sure he loves his workout

Motivating yourself to get moving isn't always easy on a daily basis. Other things might be on our minds and we might not be feeling it that day. When Cody Rigsby feels like so many of us do, he makes sure to plan a workout he will enjoy.

"Movement-wise, you really need to figure out what brings you joy. If you love the activity, the workout, then staying motivated and showing up for yourself becomes natural," Rigsby told Yahoo! Life. "For me, it's also about connecting to my purpose. My purpose, my 'why,' my reasons for putting in the work — that's what keeps me motivated."

Rigsby also stressed the importance of mental health in fostering motivation. "Talking to my therapist, meditating every day, and taking breaks from social media all help me take care of my mental health," Rigsby said (via Yahoo! Life). "Movement is another big one. I hear from our members constantly that my workouts feel therapeutic, and I'm honored to be able to serve our community in that way." 

Rigsby continued by saying that while his classes serve as moments in the day to regroup for his riders, his Peloton sessions are also "an outlet" for him. "I love doing what I do every day — getting on the bike, moving my body, listening to great music, and feeling connected to something bigger," he said. "So many times when I'm trying to motivate and push you during one of my classes, it's because I need that same push at that moment as well."