The Best Costumes For Your Dog This Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is the best part of the holiday — even if we are partial to the candy and themed beverages — and extending this to your dog is perhaps even more fun. Is there anything cuter than a little costume fit for a puppy? We think not! Plus, you've got to get a picture for the 'gram, right?

We've previously covered the best Halloween costumes for humans this year (spoiler alert: they're fantastic), as well as clever costume hacks for when you're in a pinch. We've even covered what you should be for this hallmark holiday depending on your zodiac sign, such as a Sagittarius.

Now, it's time to turn to our small but mighty family members to see what Halloween costumes are trending for them. According to BringFido, the best Halloween costumes for dogs in 2020 included cute dresses like Belle's from "The Beauty and the Beast"; fun, frilled collars that invoked the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg; neck pieces that looked like the Demogorgon from "Stranger Things"; and many other creative approaches. This year, things may be a little different.

This dog costume is a salute to a certain type of essential worker

This year, trending dog costumes involve our furry soulmates dressing as human professionals. For example, according to Good Housekeeping, dogs will be dressing as UPS delivery men en masse this year, with small versions of UPS carriers' brown uniforms.

This costume trend is no doubt a product of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which people have been ordering goods online more than ever (via Digital Commerce 360). Since people have been seeing package carriers more than ever, it makes sense that they'd translate this into a dog costume. It's even a kind of salute to those who have helped us so much during the pandemic.

This career will also be receiving a tribute this Halloween

Another career that has made its way onto canine costume lists is the firefighter. According to Daily Paws, firefighter dog costumes are already on the market, so you don't have to do any crafting for them. Plus, they'll be popular this year, so your dog will fit right in.

Walmart currently sells a dog firefighter costume for just $20, including the cutest little hat to keep your dog's head warm on Halloween's crisp night. As with the UPS driver costume, this is likely a tribute to those who protect us throughout the year.

If you prefer a realistic approach to Halloween, this costume is for your pup

This next dog Halloween costume is a little less creative, but it makes up for it with cuteness. According to Woman's Day, teddy bear costumes will be big for dogs this year, and we can see why. They keep us company and cuddle us at night, and they essentially are our own household teddy bears.

While some teddy bear costumes may blend in with your dog's skin, they remain a good investment because this type of costume will be cute on your dog any time throughout the year, not just on Halloween!

This sea animal is making a splash this year

However, if you want something less on the nose, you can always opt for dressing your dog as a different animal. Woman's Day notes that lobsters will also be particularly poignant for dogs on Halloween this year, and dogs don't get much different than dressing as a crustacean!

Funnily enough, Daily Paws also reports that lobsters are in this year. In fact, Target is selling lobster costumes for dogs for around $10. With a price this low, it doesn't hurt to check out what all the rage is about!

This costume will take dogs to the skies

Finally, in a world where superhero films and television series are dominating the media, it only makes sense that a superhero would be trendy this year. For Halloween 2021, dogs will be dressing as Supergirl, per Good Housekeeping.

The timing of this is particularly poignant because the CW's Melissa Benoist-led superhero drama "Supergirl" is currently airing its sixth and final season (via Deadline). What a lovely way to send off a series that has inspired so many.

So, which fun costume will you be dressing your dog(s) in this year?