Shakira Reveals Her Terrifying Encounter In A Park In Spain

One of the worst parts of being a celebrity, or so they tell us, is dealing with all the too-enthusiastic fans, not to mention being pestered by paparazzi wherever you go. To anyone who's just starting out as a wannabe-influencer with only a handful of social media followers, it must seem like a dream come true to be so incredibly popular that people just won't leave you alone, but real celebs know that it gets real old, real fast. Not to mention, it can even be deadly. Famous folks ranging from John Lennon to Selena to Versace have been murdered by fans, and Princess Diana died in a car crash fleeing the paparazzi. (In fact, some conspiracy theorists even believe the paparazzi may have deliberately arranged the accident.)

Sometimes, however, even a celebrity can have an unwanted, perhaps dangerous, encounter with someone who has absolutely no idea who they are. Such is the case with Colombian singer Shakira, who was recently visiting Spain with her 8-year-old son, Milan. The two were walking in a park in Barcelona when, as People reveals, they were accosted by a pair of boars.

Wild boars stole Shakira's purse

So, what, Shakira and her son were pestered by insurance salespersons or persistent petition-pushers sharing way too much info about the desperate plight of the purple-spotted gecklebird? (Which isn't actually endangered, since we just made it up.) No, that would be b-o-r-e-s. These were b-o-a-r-s, as in wild pigs, a species that has been making quite a nuisance of itself in European cities over the past few years. As The Guardian points out, this is what happens when people move into wild animals' terrain –- they might find themselves with a few unwanted neighbors. While too many squirrels can mess up your garden, boars present more of a threat due to their size and aggressive nature. They're known to have caused at least one fatal car wreck as well as quite a bit of property damage.

While Shakira and her son were not harmed by the boars, the star appeared extremely upset by the fact that they damaged her purse. In an Instagram story (via People) she raged, "Look at how two wild boars, which attacked me in the park, have left my bag. They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it. They've destroyed everything." She then went on to urge her son to back her up, saying, "Milan, tell the truth. Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar." There's no word, however, on whether her son was actually impressed by his mom's bad*** boar-fighting skills.