If You're A Sagittarius These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

When looking to make new friendships, it can be pretty difficult. While best friends that spring up out-of-the-blue are pure goals, it doesn't always work that way. Creating inside jokes, talking about shared interests like your "How I Met Your Mother" obsession, and organizing hangs are crucial in forming a long-lasting, fulfilling friendship. However, even when you've become true buddies, it can all go south when you least expect it. You might be loud and boisterous while your pal is more reserved. This can create resentment down the line. Or maybe you prize loyalty, while your new BFF enjoys springing from group to group. Even once a friendship is secured, gauging compatibility is important — and that's where the zodiac comes in.

You might think it's a bit strange to base your next friendship off astrology, but you'll be surprised at its accuracy. Your sun sign is about your inner self, what drives you, and the ways you're most "powerful" (via LiveAbout). Even better, as per Refinery29, your sun sign only becomes truer as you get older, with astrology expert Athena Perrakis telling the outlet that "most people reach the most evolved version of that sign in the later years of their lives." Meaning, any friendship based off your sun sign is set to last the test of time — and who doesn't want that? If you're an adventurous Sagittarius, your best zodiac pals have an equal sense of wanderlust and are the perfect complement to your down-to-earth nature.

Aquarius signs share your humanitarian outlook

Aquarius signs might seem like your total opposite, but they're actually eerily similar to you. As a Sagittarius, you're a driven fire sign, bursting through the world like flames on a match, and ready to take on anyone that gets in your way. Air sign Aquarians have a different approach to life. They prefer to "kill them with kindness" so to speak, but that doesn't mean they're any less passionate. As per Allure, Aquarius signs are married to humanitarian issues, care deeply about the world, and are rebels with a cause. Sure, they're airy in the way they flow through life, but their laser-focus on crucial issues means they're fiery in their own right (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). This means they'll get along incredibly well with philosophical, wild-hearted Sags.

As a Sagittarius, you often find yourself lost in deep thought, whether concerned about the environment or about the time continuum. Your jaw-dropping intelligence is a major aspect of your personality, so you will find a kindred spirit in any Aquarian. Plus, both of you have a rambunctious sense of humor, so prepare for lots of jokes about that one tequila-tinged Uber ride you took in April or that double date gone totally wrong. Moreover, both a Sagittarius and Aquarius value freedom, so you'll always be on the same page when it comes to giving each other space. You also make the perfect travel team of the zodiac, so go ahead and book your plane tickets ASAP.

Fellow fire sign Leo seizes the day just like you

While airy Aquarius signs pair great with Sags for balance, you'll find an equal spirit in Leos. Fire signs just like you, the zodiac's lions are the life of the party, shine as bright as a diamond, and are loud (via Allure). Sound familiar? Similar to Leos, you Sags love a great fête and are happiest when surrounded by other people. Both Leos and Sags also find their greatest joy in laughter, and can form a deep friendship through humor. Combining you two is like fanning flames, and together, you can probably conquer the world.

There is one hitch: Leos live for the luxe life, investing in face products and designer handbags, while a Sagittarius couldn't care less for expensive fare. You'll feel perplexed at your Leo friend's concern for appearances, and will probably pass on all those shopping trips. Moreover, as two fire signs, you are both a tinge dramatic. 

Leos have to feel the spotlight on them at all times, and are so unfailing, they feel hurt when they don't feel their loyalty is reciprocated. On the other hand, Sagittariuses are passionate about the world's issues, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs, which can clash with a Leo's interests. Still, Sags can teach Leos about opening up their heart to more than just their inner circle, and Leos can teach you about self-care.

Aries will bring out the party-lover in you

Did anyone say party? Yes, Sagittarius signs love a great philosophy book, a conversation about the existence of aliens, or a spiritually-awakening hike, but they also really love to have a fun drink with friends and laugh like there's no tomorrow. Not so serious after all, you archer signs pair incredibly well with rambunctious Aries, known as the "first" sign of the zodiac with eternal youth (via Allure). Aries are always ready for a fun time, and will get out of their sweatpants at a moment's notice (even at 12 a.m.) just because their friends texted them about a party.

Although both are fire signs, Sagittarians tend to be more theoretical and intellectual, thinking about their grand ideals, the existence of morality, and you know, other light topics (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). The great thing about a Sag-Aries friendship is that Aries brings out your fun, exciting side, reminding you to always see the bright side of life no matter what's going on in the world. Similarly, you will bring Aries down to earth, since they're known to go through life "head-first," rarely contemplating their decisions. Yes, both of you are different, but together, you simply become focused on making thrilling memories. As per Bustle, both of you feed off of each other's adventurous spirit, egging each other on to get up for charades or karaoke at parties. Neither of you like too much planning, and you'll never be bored when you're together.

Libras and Sags are more similar than you think

Back to opposites attract: Sagittarius signs and Libras might be different at first glance, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, they have very similar interests. Sure, Libras are more concerned than you about appearances (just like Leos!), and live for a shopping trip or spa day, spending way too much time on their hair, makeup, and outfits. Sags, on the other hand, are happiest in sweatpants and their favorite sneakers. They're always ready for a hike — it's just the way they are. Presided over by planet Venus, Libras are all about romantic ideals like beauty and love, according to Allure, which differ from Sagittarians' search for raw truth and spiritual experiences. Still, your shared belief in "something more" brings you together, and your cerebral conversations are unparalleled.

Moreover, both archer and scales signs love a great party, even if their approach to them varies. A Sag's idea of a perfect gathering is probably on the beach, barefoot, with a beer in hand, and huge smiles everywhere while storytelling about that one wild experience back in Bali. Libras don't crave the spotlight as much (at least not so directly), and prefer to simply coordinate a refined affair, sparking conversations about popular culture and history. Plus, Libras are known diplomats, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs, and are akin to politicians, while Sagittarians are known to say whatever is on their mind no matter the occasion. This may be a point of tension, but is usually an all-encompassing learning experience.

You get along really well with fellow Sagittarians

A sign you might not have been thinking about at all is your own. Yes, Sagittarians pair extremely well with fellow archer signs, and that's not always the case throughout the zodiac. Sags need friends who are up for anything, whether entertaining the idea of time travel, a random camping trip to the middle of nowhere, or a same-day plane ticket to a city you've never heard of before. Not to fret: A fellow Sagittarian will understand, and you guys will become perfectly-rebellious pals. As per Tarot, two Sagittarius signs are the best travel buddies, understand a shared hatred of planning ahead, and can go on for hours with philosophical conversations. Sure, your fiery debates can be a bit too much to handle at times and may lead to fights, but those fights will never last long. Sags live their life with no regrets, and will quickly forget any foul play.

As per Bustle, Sagittarians also love making new friends. As astrologer Cindy McKean told the outlet, they are "always seeking to go beyond the horizon" with a keen "sense of adventure." There's never a dull moment between the two of you, and as per Astrobix, your shared love of learning will take your friendship on different escapades throughout the world. You will challenge each other, while still laughing at just about everything along the way. Sharing ruling planet Jupiter, both of you will push each other to grow every day (via Allure).