Read This Before You Pick Up A Deck Of Oracle Cards

Instagram is littered with accounts that share group oracle card and tarot readings. Maybe you've seen the three cards laid out before the camera with a caption asking you to choose one. Essentially, these cards provide intuitive guidance in a clear way. If you're looking to start working with this spiritual tool, all you have to do is grab a deck. Fortunately, there are many different ways to choose which card deck to work with at any given moment.

But, before you order an oracle deck off of Amazon, you should know exactly what these cards are and aren't. The main difference between an oracle card deck and a tarot card deck is the structure of each. Mindbodygreen explains that the latter includes the same 78 cards that have the same interpretations. Oracle card decks — which are also known as angel cards — can vary in their number of cards, meanings, and subject matter. They cover a wide range of topics and themes, from animal medicine to phases of the moon. 

The outlet also suggests that you note which oracle card decks naturally catch your attention before you choose one to purchase.

Oracle card decks and intuition

Like anything in the spiritual realm, you'll need to rely on your instincts to find an oracle card deck that works for you. Try not to overthink it while you peruse a few options online or in various bookstores. You can read the back of the box for a preview of what's inside. Furthermore, Mindbodygreen explains, by collecting different card decks, you'll find that you're drawn to different options depending on the questions you have. Once you have more than one, you'll likely find yourself gravitating towards each deck with different moods. 

To get started, clear the cards by knocking on them three times. Then, it's vital to fully integrate the cards with your energy. Well+Good explains that you can simply shuffle the deck or even carry it around with you for a few days to get accurate readings. "The more you use your decks and touch them, the more they work for you and with you," Aarona Lea Pichinson, author, ritual wellness teacher, and founder of the oracle card set "The Moon Deck" tells the outlet.

Once you've gotten your energy all over your cards, it's time to do a reading.

How to pick oracle cards

Start by getting into a relaxed state; maybe take a few deep breaths or meditate first before you ask your question. Once you find yourself calm and grounded, start shuffling the cards as you think about whatever situation you need guidance around. Well+Good notes that having a clear question and intention can make or break your reading. Spend some time nailing down exactly what you're asking your intuition for help with before you start working with your deck.

Start shuffling the cards and getting your energy all over them. Then, you may feel called to stop or a card may have fallen out. The outlet suggests cutting the deck into three piles then restacking them in any order. From here, spread the cards. "Spread out your cards and hover your hand over them until you feel a magnetic pull and choose that card," Pichinson recommends. "You can do a single card spread, or select several cards, depending on what spread you choose to do and how deep you want to go with this reading."

Breathe deeply and read the result of your pull without judgment. Remember that the cards can bring things to light you may not have been aware of, so keep an open mind throughout the process.

Oracle cards can offer a friendly reminder that you're always being guided and that you're never alone. Start working with them and see what you discover.