How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're An Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the freest minds of the zodiac. As a pure air sign, they ride life's gales until they're satisfied, drifting wherever they need to until they've accomplished everything they want and become the person they need to be. They're humanitarians even though they can be distant at times, and their creativity is nearly unmatched (via Elite Daily).

When an Aquarius dates, they have to consider how their prospective partner will affect their ability to accomplish their goals and their ability to float freely in life. Because of this, there are a few questions Aquarius should ask on first dates to ensure their date is right for them. There are even certain people an Aquarius should and shouldn't marry because of the sign's unique sensibilities.

The same applies to an Aquarius having sex. There are ultimately just three signs that are the most sexually compatible with Aquarius. According to Bustle, these are Leo, Aries, and Gemini. An Aquarius loves taking charge in the bedroom, so these three signs help an Aquarius feel natural, loved, and respected. While they may not admit it, an Aquarius loves the attention these signs will give them, too.

There's one single thing an Aquarius can do to heat up the bedroom

When it comes to the zodiac signs' sex lives, Aquarius has one of the most intriguing. According to Zodiac Signs Horoscope, people that fall under the Aquarius sign like to experiment with sex to discover what they like the best. They want to make everyone involved feel good, and sometimes that means trying new things. This also means that Aquarius loves foreplay, as they want to maximize the pleasure for everyone.

For an Aquarius, there's no such thing as too much sex, because they want to do it as often as their partner wants (via The Insightful Psychics). However, they're known to rely on their partner to initiate the sex. Therefore, if you're an Aquarius and want to turn the heat up in the bedroom, try initiating your sex every now and then. This will intrigue your partner and keep the spark between you two burning brightly.

Aquarius is a sign that naturally keeps the bedroom interesting because of their innate interest in trying new things, so initiating the intercourse on occasion is the one true thing they can do to let their partner know how interested in them they really are. The Insightful Psychics do note, though, that an Aquarius can further keep matters interesting by introducing toys into the mix if they've never used them with their partner before.

Happy experimenting!